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I'm in the "buy that immediately" crowd

Yup...I'd buy it in a heartbeat!

weirmonken wrote:
+1 for 'Art and Culture of the Inner Sea Region'.

Great title!

The Problem is really that art is expansive and words are cheap.
But netherless if they would bring it out as a Hardcover book, I would pay as much as 60$.

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I would definitely be interested in a product like this.


To prevent unwarranted doomsday speculation, Paizo should ensure that they have books full of "crunch" on the publicly released schedule after this book. After all, this is exactly the sort of thing that a certain other game company would publish during the "lull" between editions, when they can't really publish anything specific to the old or the new edition.

Anything that adds depth to Golarion's canon would be much appreciated.


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Well, it could have things like...

Material costs. How much does a bolt of silk sell for?

And does silk from a giant spider cost more?

Are there giant spider wranglers?

And if there are, are there domesticated giant spiders....

Count me in the Instabuy crowd. How many do I have to promise to buy to make this happen?

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Speaking of silk...
I've been wondering...
Does it originate in Tian Xia (specifically Ling Shen - that's the Imperial China analogue, right?) or is it from the Inner Sea?

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
And does silk from a giant spider cost more?

I'm not sure you could make clothes out of giant spider silk. Unless you were a giant. :) The filaments from a giant spider are probably really big, so fabric woven (or knit) from them wouldn't be a supple as from regular spiders. It would probably make great rope though.

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Art may be expensive for a book like this, but I'd be willing to pay more for it regardless.

Yeah, I'd be all over this one too. Love the idea.

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Could be a cool book / resource.
Strangely, I'm more curious why this thread keeps getting necro'd in March though...


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TimD, My theory is: Spring, when young adventurer's thoughts turn to the opposite sex...

AS for the book itself I say: "Shut up and take my money"

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I agree as well a fashions and architecture of golarion book would be boss. its not something every role playing game has either!

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I'm looking forward to reading the bits about fashion and architecture in the Inner Sea Gods. Each of the "Big 20" get a paragraph about what their temples look like and how their worshipers dress.

I do want an Illustrated Inner Sea Fashion, Arts, & Architecture

... so much that I fully approve the repeated use of thread necromancy which seems to have occurred here.

It's been 3 years. I refuse to give up. This is such a great idea. The illustrations of followers in Inner Sea Gods is one of the best aspects of the whole book. Comparing and contrasting the look of my paladin of Shelyn with her follower presented was a ton of fun.

This book would be a marketing nightmare. And a sign that an RPG has lived to long. However, I think I would buy it just to support the people on this thread crazy enough to request such a thing. But only if it includes the fashion of the neighboring planets.

Maybe just a pdf???

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WANT!! So why isn't this on my desk already :D

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