Most awesome character sheets for new players ever

4th Edition

I dunno if you guys saw this before or if it was posted here before or what, but I'm posting here anyways.

For my son's 8th birthday party he convinced me to run Dungeons and Dragons for four 2nd graders... I decided to take actual characters made in the DND Insider and simplify them us that the boys could have fun without much of a learning curve. Here are the six characters I made from scratch for the game. I am happy to report it was a huge success, each boy had a fantastic time... and so did I. I would happily do it again.

After making the six boy characters, he went on to make six girl characters, and a side page for summons.

Boy characters

Girl characters 1

Girl characters 2


PS: The bard is the best character. Let's be friends!

This are very cute! I enjoyed them a lot.

Your Girl characters 2 link is broken though. Here is the fixed link.

OK I concede that these are pretty awesome.

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