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There are people who get things done. People who work outside the normal system of society for whoever can pay. Sometimes these are people who were denied justice by a corrupt legal system and must seek it elsewhere. Sometimes the motives are less noble but the pay more than makes up for it. Of these people and organizations, Silverstar Solutions was a name of note in the past.

Roger Silverstar opened Silverstar Solutions many years ago and in its prime, it was one of the best. Time was not kind to it however and over the years it has slowly decayed into the third-rate business it is today. Yet you all have hopes to turn that around. Whether you were not experienced enough to make it with one of the big companies or your background blacklisted you before you could even apply, all of you began working for Silverstar Solutions as a means to make a name for yourselves and bring this crumbling corporation out of the ruins.

Now, partnered with your eclectic associates who have slowly grown on you over these last few years, you takes cases as they come, solving problems for people and beings that can't solve them themselves. And in Boston, there is never a shortage of cases both mundane and supernatural that require your attentions.


That's the basic setup for the game, think A-Team meets Charlie's Angels meets Supernatural. You take the jobs that pay, sometimes no matter the collateral damage, and you get them done. For submissions, what I'm looking for is a strong character story/background. If you want to put together a build/profile you can but what I really want to see is the type of character you want to play. Mechanics can only get you so far and I want to make sure that characters have strong senses of identity to really drive the story forward.

Setting Clarification: I know there is a Mage splat book on Boston (which I do have). While I might be using it, this is by no means a Mage-centric game. I happen to be from the Boston area and like the city as a historically rich setting which is why I'm using it. The splat book might get used but I'm not basing the game on it or Mage in general.

Character build creation notes:
- Characters will be created using the standard rules from nWoD (or other books as applicable, see below)
- Characters will be starting at base level so no extra xp to spend
- Characters can be created from the following:
* World of Darkness core book (I have this and most all the splat related books)
* Vampire (I have this and most all the splat related books)
* Werewolf (I have this and most all the splat related books)
* Mage (I have this and most all the splat related books)
* Promethean (I have this and most all the splat related books)

Note: (While I own them, Changeling and Hunter and all associated splat books are off limits, at least until review. Changeling flavor doesn't fit with the rest of the books in my opinion and unless everyone wanted to play a character from it, Hunter would create too much party conflict.)

Note 2: While I have access to pretty much all the books, I obviously don't have them all memorized. When creating your character please note the book and page number for all of your various choices (Merits, powers, etc). Please do this for Core books or splat books used so I can find it easier. Even if all of your stuff is straight from the Werewolf main book, this will help me find it faster when I need to. Basic things like Attributes, etc don't need pg numbers, just things that would require me to search for.

Any other questions let me know. I look forward to the submissions and running a fun game for people.

I have run/played D&D/Pathfinder for years. I'm already running and playing in a couple of Pathfinder games both IRL and PBP. However when it comes to White Wolf, I've played a game or two IRL but it's been a while and I've never run it. I say all of this to make sure people understand that if you are interested it's going to be a pretty rocky ride in the beginning till I get my bearings on the White Wolf stuff. I really like the settings they've designed and look forward to creating stories/adventures in the world they've envisioned. Hopefully the growing pains of the game will be short and minimal but just making sure people are aware.

Dotting. I'm thinking of making up a Mage. I just need to find where all my books are.

Very interested in this. Hopefully I can come up with a good concept before the slots get full.

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Color me intrigued. I'd like to do a Vampire for this, particularly because I think it will make the party dynamics more interesting and because it will be fun to find ways to work around/with the character's vulnerabilities and requirements.

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First run, needs some refinement. I have nWod main book but not Werewolf, if accepted I'll of course purchase the applicable PDF. I do have Hunter and Mage, and his story could work just as well with any of the supernatural types with modification.

Travis Murphy:

Travis Murphy

Born poor in Austin Texas to a working mother and an Irish traveler, Travis never knew his father. His mother worked two jobs and his older half-sisters helped raise him, and Travis learned early that the best things in life might be free but basic necessities aren't.

Going to public school was the best thing to happen to Travis. A naturally gifted athlete whose ability to run was honed while being chased by guard dogs, cops, and angry cooks, the school food helped him put on the muscle to become a star running back. A football scholarship to North Dakota State University caught his eye, and he moved north to study business and play football. Waving goodbye to his mother and sisters he never considered he might not be able to see them again some day.

Attending a seminar at the Harvard Business College during the winter of his junior year, Travis was hiking through the woods with a woman he'd met on campus when they were attacked by a wolf.

This is where my story breaks down a little, I've read some of the rules for Werewolf but not enough to know what kind of wolf it would've been or what tribe/pact/sept he'd have joined in nWod.

The werewolf that had attacked Travis had been attempting to purge the spirit riding the young co-ed next to him, and Travis found himself as collateral in an ongoing war he'd never heard of until then. Living hard on the streets of Texas taught Travis that the most important thing is knowing when to fight and when to run. Learning that his mother and sisters could never know he was alive and fighting escaped spirits lest they become targets themselves, Travis agreed to allow the world to think he'd died and became a full time member of the pack.

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I am going to be looking at a Iron Master Werewolf that is a Techno Shaman. I will work on the Background tonight.

LackofFocus wrote:
I am going to be looking at a Iron Master Werewolf that is a Techno Shaman. I will work on the Background tonight.

Lol, just make sure you give me page numbers and stuff when you have your build together. Cause out of all you said the only word I recognized was "Werewolf".

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Samuel Irons - Promethean
Lineage: Frankenstein
Refinement: Cuprum

Samuel Irons:
A beautiful summer’s day in the city of Boston, it is the season of the Tourist the time of people watching for all. They pass by a figure sitting feeding the squirrels without noticing, but giving him birth as they do so. The man is bigger than normal he is wearing a pair of faded jeans and a Black T-shirt that says “The Book was Better.” He was feeding the squirrels, there was a semi-circle of about 10 taking the peanuts most were the size of large cats. He looked lost in thought, tossing peanuts as reflex.

He sits there in the commons feeding the squirrels trying to think about his past and where my parts came from. No one had told him where he was from or what he was, all he was left was a dairy from a woman who called him Jacob. That name was now gone he was his own man or so he thought when he came to Boston 5 years ago. He is now known as Samuel he learned to keep his names simple and keep under the radar. He works at Emerson College as a handyman just trying to keep his head down. That changed when he caught a few students trying to hurt a local homeless man that Samuel used to talk to, while in the commons. Samuel scared the students saving his friend. Getting involved lost him his job he let his anger take hold of him and put 2 of the students in the hospital one night. Though he was never caught he still knew what he did. He was ready to pack up and move somewhere else so he could start over when he saw an ad for a new company hiring Silverstar Solutions he decided to apply.

Added Info: When not working for Silverstar Samuel spends most of his spare time, at the Boston Public Library or in the commons feeding the squirrels.

Description: He is a big man standing over 6 feet tall with “tattoos” of stitch marks on his body. He has shoulder length brown hair and a constant 5 o’clock shadow. His eyes are 2 different colors one blue and the other brown. He wears Jeans and T-Shirts he loves the ones with sayings on them.

I switched to a Promethean because someone already submitted a Werewolf. I have to rego over the Rules to making a Promethean and will get the sheet up soon. Also I am from around the Boston area it is a great place to set a WOD game.

Found both my Mage book (still shiney) and Boston Unvieled. Still need to read both again, but I'm planning on a morbid Moros goth chick who awakened after a suicide attempt.

I've never been to Boston so I'll be relying on the books and google for info on the city. Just holler at me if I get anything wrong. I am posting on eastern standard time if that matters. Also, how often will you expect people to be posting?

Jason Day - Vampire
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Carthian

Jason was just another student at Boston University, albeit one of the brightest and most capable students in his class. He was also, however, one of the more aggressive students in his field, known to sabotage his classmates' projects in order to further his own progress. He was an expert at deception, well-versed in the inner workings of human psychology, and a brooding terror to anyone who would oppose him. It was this combination of brilliance and ruthlessness that brought him to the attention of his sire, Dr. Alexis Albright. Alexis had claimed most of Boston University as her personal hunting ground, shared only with a select few who remained in her good graces. She was one of the senior instructors at the university as well, though naturally her only courses were available after dark. And perhaps most curious of all, despite the flock of 18-25 year olds that passed through each year, she was one of the most desirable women on campus. When Alexis called Jason to her office one evening in "recognition of his exemplary work," the poor boy was almost powerless to resist. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now, having completed his undergraduate studies, Jason finds himself in a world unlike any he had ever known before... but with a world of possibilities laid out before him, and all eternity to explore it. The opportunities offered by Silverstar were appealing and seemed like an excellent way to learn more about this supernatural world he now lived in, and perhaps he could make some friends in high places along the way to serve his needs in the long-run...

Lorelei wrote:
Also, how often will you expect people to be posting?

I'm looking for the standard 1/day minimum during the week. Weekends I'm flexible with cause I'm pretty bad about getting on the boards on the weekends myself. The more the merrier and with a story driven game like nWoD I'm hoping to see a lot of PC interaction without needing DM prompting.

Travis Murhpy (TBD) - Accepted
Jason Day (Vampire) - Accepted
Samuel Irons (Promethean) - Accepted

Lorelei - I've seen your posts in other games and have been suitably impressed so I'm expecting to accept you once I see the concept.

I'll have an OOC and IC thread up soon, gonna give it another day or 2 at most but I'm perfectly fine running a game for 3 (or 4) if that's all that apply.

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I will post a full CS tonight

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Thank you Jonasty. I'll make up a character tonight. Is Werewolf acceptable or would you like me to create a different kind of character? With a Vampire in the group I'm guessing most of our jobs will take place during the night.

Balodek wrote:
Thank you Jonasty. I'll make up a character tonight. Is Werewolf acceptable or would you like me to create a different kind of character? With a Vampire in the group I'm guessing most of our jobs will take place during the night.

Werewolf is fine, the eclectic party mix means I can throw that much weirder s**t at you guys. ;-)

Here's the OOC thread for those of you ready with your characters.

OOC Thread

This is Lorelei posting from the alias I plan on using for the game.
Concept is below, still need to work out the character sheet. I keep getting old world merits confused with the new world ones since I played the old a lot longer than the new. I still have amusing memories of my Giovanni who had a crush on a Samedi...

Birthname: Tiffany Leigh Danvers
Name used: Solace
Path: Moros

Tiffany and Brittany were not only identical twins, they were inseparable best friends. So it wasn't much of a surprise that Tiffany fell into a deep depression after the carwreck that they were both in took Brittany's life. After the first month of physical therapy and recovery following the accident, Tiffany chose to follow Brittany in death so they could be together again and took an overdose of her pain pills followed by a bottle of vodka stolen from her parents.

It was during this attempt on her own life that Tiffany found herself traveling through a dreamlike world on a quest to find her sister. After walking for what seemed like weeks through barren lands and across black rivers, she finally found Brittany standing at the foot of a large bone white Watchtower waiting for her. Knowing without being told, she inscribes her name on an empty space on the wall of the tower. As soon as she does so she awakens in the ER while her stomach is being pumped and sees not only her parents crying over her, but she can still see her sister watching her and shaking her head, clearly disapproving of Tiffany's attempt to join the realm of the dead before her time.

Later on, after a very long conversation with the ghost of her sister, Tiffany agreed to follow her to someone that Brittany said could help her. Which is how Tiffany came to meet the Moros who would be her mentor, Alexander Kincaid. He took her in as an apprentice and explained to her her Awakening.

During the course of her apprenticeship and recovery, she changes her name to Solace and comes to greater understanding of the importance of letting death happen in it's own time and begins volunteering for a suicide prevention hotline.

She somehow manages to finish out her time in college as well, though not with the grades she had hopes since her apprenticeship didn't leave much time for mundane studying. At a bit of a loss what to do with herself she eventually applied at Silverstar Solutions.

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Thamks Solace for showing me the way. I'm looking at a vampire, will be stating out today, if able.

Thinking of
Clan: Gangrel
Concept: Seeking Golconda
Covenant(s): Ordo Dracul 1, Circle 1, and Lancea Sanctum 1 (In the sense of trying to understand the basics of each of the mystical paths, not really being loyal to them or advancing in the ranks), or unaligned.

I feel sad that I wasn't able to get a concept posted on here, work reared it's crunch-timed ladened head at me. *sigh* Have a good game everyone!

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