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Here's the wizard I am going to be using in my campaign. I fiddled with a lot of stuff, including adding in some of the Item familiar stuff from the Unearthed Arcana, with some tweakage.

also, just so you know, in my campaign Metamagic feats work on a per day basis. Each feat allows itself to be used once per day when the caster is casting the spell (casting time is not increased unless the feat specifically says so). The caster can also activate his metamagic feats an additional number of times each day equal to his Constitution modifier. So, if Gandalf Jr. Has a Con of 13+, and two metamagic feats, he could use each of his metamagic feats once per day, and then activiate one of them one more time each day.

I changed the powers some of the familiars grant.
I changed many of the granted powers of the specialist schools.
I also changed the spells per day column for some of the higher level spells s it fit with the rest of the pattern for spell advancement.

Here is the Link to my wizard.

The Wizard

here's some preview stuff

Necromancy Arcane School
The dread and feared necromancer commands undead and uses the foul power of unlife against his enemies.
Undead Familiar (Su): Select an undead creature whose total hit dice is no more than twice your wizard level. That undead creature is now your familiar (See Familiar's, above). This undead familiar replaces any other familiar you may have had, and you do not suffer any negative consequences for losing your other familiar. If you selected the Bonded Item feature, your wizard level is treated as being four levels lower for the purpose of your Undead Familiar's statistics and abilities. This undead familiar grants you the ability to be seen as an undead creature by other undead creatures.

Universal Arcane School
Wizards who do not specialize (known as as universalists) have the most diversity of all arcane spellcasters.
Arcane Versatility (Su): As a standard action, you can sacrifice a prepared spell to prepare another spell in its place. The wizard must have the spell in his spellbook in order to prepare it this way.
Spell Recall (Su): When preparing spells, you may select a number of prepared spells equal to your Intelligence modifier. At any point between this time and the next time you prepare spells, if that spell has been cast, you may recall that spell to memory as a swift action. At 5th level, and every five wizard levels thereafter (10th, 15th, and 20th), you may select an additional prepared spell.
Metamagic Mastery (Su): You can add your Intelligence modifier to your Constitution modifier to determine the number of times you can activate a metamagic feat beyond the first each day.

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I like the idea of allowing your familiar to deliver touch spells. That makes them much more useful.

I am not sure why you are doubling the skill points/level. As an Int caster they will not have a shortage of skill points and has never been a weakness of the class.

Does your house rule for meta-magic feats increase the spell slot used?

I favor giving the wizard bonus feats every even level like the fighter. They are the spell casting specialists why not give them the feats needed to prove it?

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