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Okay, had this idea for a Cleric church inspired by the Eight Virtues of the Avatar from the Ultima series: the Church is essentially a massive philosophy, but it's Eight Virtues are essentially empowering forces, treated as deities for the purposes of granting Domains.

The Virtues, and the Domains I can see them granting are as follows: Honesty: Community, Good, Knowledge
Compassion: Animal, Community, Good, Healing, Protection
Valor: Glory, Good, Sun, Strength, War
Justice: Good, Law, Nobility
Sacrifice: Chaos, Good, Liberation, Repose
Honor: Good, Law, Strength, Protection
Spirituality: Good, Knowledge, Magic, Rune
Humility: Community, Good, Protection

I'm also considering adding elemental themes to the virtues, perhaps with Valor having Fire, and Compassion having water.

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