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I was thinking of making a Ranger with the Wild Stalker Archetype for Pathfinder Society. Two separate abilities say to replace Favored Enemy with the new Archetype abilities.

Rage Powers Ability replacing Favored Enemies matches up, but what baseline abilities should Wild Talents be replacing?

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Wild Talents is replacing the Combat Style feats. This means that Wild Talents should occur every 4 levels after 6th, rather than every 5 levels as shown in the UC entry. Makes sense because you've already lost the 2nd level combat style feat to uncanny dodge, and this archetype is big on replacing whole class features ie Strong Senses and Rage Powers together replace the whole favored enemy feature.

Of course, I also love how whoever wrote the entry didn't clue into how useless the "Master Hunter" feature is for a 20th level Wild Stalker because of the lack of any favored enemies. Would make so much more sense for it to be changed to an increase from Rage to Greater Rage.

Edit: Just noticed that "Rage of the Wild (Ex)" says that for the purposes of Rage "his barbarian level is considered to be his ranger level – 3." Barbarian level has no actual effect on raging, so I'm going to assume that it refers to qualifying for Rage Powers that require a minimum barbarian level.

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Can I clarify as well?

- The Wild Stalker doesn't take a combat style feats at all.

- They take rage powers at levels 5, 10, 15 and 20.

- They don't have any favoured enemies, but still get the normal progression of favoured terrains.

- What levels do they get Wild Talents? The description doesn't add up. It would indeed make more sense for every four levels after six, or every five levels after five, but is that in an official errata?

Well since Wild stalker makes both Quarry, Improved Quarry and Master hunter pretty much useless I believe that Greater Rage and Mighty Rage feels more fitting especially since you traded away all of the Rangers combatfocused class abilities (well except spells but...).

To Sadie:
If wild talents replace combat style feats you should get them at lvl 6,10,14 and 18.
and no this is not an official errata (at least from what I know).

Hey, sorry to bring this thread up again. In my homebrew campaign, I have a female human NPC with natural lycanthropy, who is a ranger, and has trapper as archetype as well.

Have above questions ever been officially answered?

Wild Stalker gains nothing from: Quarry (level 11), Improved Quarry (level 19), and Master Hunter (level 20).

Should I give her Greater Rage (level 11), Tireless Rage at level 19 (normally level 17), and Mighty Rage (level 20)?

Does this seem broken to anyone?

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