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As I understand the use of this weapon:

1. Can be used like a buckler. So AC is +1 but second attack is at minus one [So flurry of blows second attack at -1]

2. With Improved Disarm and +2 circumstance for disarm from weapon person would be +4 disarm when using the weapon or +3 as second part of flurry of blows.

My question is that with Improved Disarm without weapon when you disarm someone do you get to keep the weapon using Tekko? Since the weapon is strapped on the arm and leaves hands free the weapon could be grabed. However to keep with the rule for disarm the weapon would fall to the ground.

Just looking to be consistant when GMing.

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I had this come up recently. A Magus using the Tekko-Kagi to disarm and claim the dropped item. No way. In this case the Tekko is being used as a weapon and therefore you are not able to retrieve the dropped item 'automatically'

Would you need to be proficient to use as a buckler?

Would you need shield proficiency to use as a buckler?

If used as a buckler, do you still take penalties to armor check and arcane spell failure?

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