The Brinewall Legacy (GM Reference)

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Silver Crusade

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HyperMissingno wrote:
So I'm new to PDFS and official maps, where do I find Brinewall on the Sandpoint map? I've been looking everywhere but I can't seem to find it even when I look for the other places mentioned that are near it.

Brinewall isn't anywhere near Sandpoint (and you wouldn't see it on that map), it's right near Northern Varisia, just south of the Nolands and the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. About 3 weeks wagon ride from Sandpoint.

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Hi, I Run Jade Regent, actually we run the Forest of Spirit, but my question is something from first book (i think that player guide) but I could not find an answer in other Thread.
The first thing is a I think there is a typo.
Damage Caravan:
"it deals an amount of damage to that foe equal to its level (for a caravan) plus 1d6". In much thread if the caravan said if the level is 2 the damage is 2+1d6.
But the next is no sense... Most weak enemies deal similar damage, but more powerful foes can deal multiple dice of damage if they hit your caravan.
In The Brinewall Legacy doesn't matter much but in The Hungry Storm can be a nigthmare.
a standar event combat.
deAth from BeloW (AC 20; hp 85; Attack +13; Damage 6d8)
And all combats are same, So what I think is that there is a typo because I don't think everything else is wrong. I believe is 1d6 per caravan level.

I have a question in the relation:
4) Gifts and Insults: You can give a gift or an insult to an NPC once per character level.

What mean?
1) you can make a give a gift/insult to unique NPC per character level
2) you can make a give a gift/insult to each NPC per character level

This something i cant find the response, seven years later.
From James Jacob and team.
Thanks for the AP, my players enjoy for the story and They are eager to know how it ends.

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You're right that the caravan rules are broken as originally published.
(See, for example, this apology.)
Your solution to give them 1d6 damage per caravan level is valid.

I replaced the caravan encounters entirely with regular combat encounters - I think a lot of GMs did.

I can't remember what the rules are supposed to be for gifts and insults - I dropped that system too. If each PC is supposed to give sixty gifts/insults over the course of the campaign to get full relationship benefits (4 NPCs multiplied by 15 levels), that's going to add up to a ridiculous number.

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