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Asurasan wrote:
In the following turn, Kimandatsu dropped her gaseous form in order to finish off the members of the Party who advanced on her, and kills Ameiko outright and sends Kal to -8 in a single full attack.

Kimandatsu dismissed her gaseous form (standard action) and did a full round attack to drop a PC and NPC?

Out of curiosity, how did she get the extra standard action? (wondering if I have missed something about her abilities)

Good catch, she had dismissed her gaseous form to let Skygni out in the previous turn. Just a sequence typo on my part! It's been a heck of a sleepless weekend, so my summary of events is really just a summary! :)

Just wondering, if the PCs get TPKd along with Ameiko before they even reach Minkai would the DMs be willing to let it stand and rule that Minaki falls under control of the Jade Regent? Possible plot hooks there.

Andrea1 wrote:
Just wondering, if the PCs get TPKd along with Ameiko before they even reach Minkai would the DMs be willing to let it stand and rule that Minaki falls under control of the Jade Regent? Possible plot hooks there.

That's how I would rule it. It's also possible that somebody else could pick up the Amatatsu Seal and become new scions, providing that the Five Storms and the Jade Regent don't find the Seal and destroy it, preventing any chance of the old dynasty resurrecting itself.

Refugees coming across the Crown bearing news on the regime. Old allies deciding they have had enough and sending in agents.. Hmm...

The Exchange

Killed my second PC tonight...lost our party's Ninja to the Tengu Ninja outside Ravenscraeg. The Deathblade Poison reduced his con to -1 over 6 rounds. They're going to take him back to Kalsgard, and have him resurrected by the Seal.

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Character Name: Rika Nagato – Human Starsoul Sorcerer 5
Adventure: Night of Frozen Shadows
Location: Kalsgard’s Fire Quarter
Catalyst: Running ahead of the meat shields

The party was heading towards the Temple of Shelyn after investigating the funeral ship when an irate earth elemental crushed the temple and starts rampaging in the streets. Rika wons initiative and ran forward to cast burning arc on the elemental, doing a fair amount of damage. The elemental took offense, and slammed her, knocking her down to single digit HP.

The rest of the party (Halfling cavalier on a husky (wolf), half-orc melee inquisitor, and gnome pyromanic alchemist) charged forward to attack, putting themselves between Rika and the elemental and attacking for very little damage thanks to the elemental’s DR. Rika withdrew 10 feet down the narrow street, thinking she was safe behind the front line.

The elemental realized the rest of the party couldn’t really do much to it and took opportunity attacks from the cavalier and the inquisitor to burrow under the front line and pop up in front of Rika. The elemental ended her with a savage punch to the face.

The rest of the party turned in righteous fury and managed to slay the creature, but it was too late for Rika.

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Character Name: Skizzik Winx – Gnome Alchemist 6
Adventure: Night of Frozen Shadows
Location: Ravenscraeg Dungeon Lv. 2
Catalyst: Trying to rest in a dungeon

The party was low on resources after clearing Ravenscraeg’s Dungeon Lv. 1 and Goti Runecaster and his zombies. Skizzik had the brilliant idea of trying to rest in the dungeon, and after scouting around the guard room determined that the treasury was the ideal location. The only problem with his plan was that the door was locked.

After a few frustrating attempts to pick the lock (and failed perception checks to spot the trap on the lock from him and the sorceress), Skizzik managed to convince the half-orc inquisitor to chop down the door with his great ax. In their excitement, both the sorceress and the Skizzik crowded around the inquisitor while he was hacking down the door.

The three of them were very excited when the door came down until the flame strike trap went off, catching all three of them. The inquisitor and the sorceress were both knocked unconscious and bleeding to death while Skizzik was fried to a crisp by the massive column of fire.

Fortunately for everyone but Skizzik, the Halfling cavalier and his mount were standing a little ways off guarding the hall. The cavalier managed to pull out his last two cure light wounds potions and stabilize the sorceress and the inquisitor.

TPK last session.

Well, TPK for the players who turned up. The other two PCs are safely back at the caravan with Sandru and Koya.

The (now-dead) others went into Ravenscraeg to look for Ameiko, Suishen, etc. and found their way into Wodes' tower. They were quite depleted from the encounters up to that point, so when they had to deal with the bloodfeather raven, 3 summoned air elementals, and a raven swarm immediately after the three tengu ninja, they started dropping like flies. They did have some of the worst luck on their rolls though. Most of them could barely have hit the side of a barn that day.

Result: Three player deaths, and one NPC who accompanied them (R.I.P. Shalelu).

In about twenty-plus years (off and on) of DMing, that's the first TPK I've ever inflicted. YAY! Achievement Unlocked!

The other PCs back at the caravan don't know anything has happened, but I'm waiting to see what the replacement PCs are going to be before I work out how to introduce them into the story and mount a (too late) rescue mission.

gang wrote:
In about twenty-plus years (off and on) of DMing, that's the first TPK I've ever inflicted. YAY! Achievement Unlocked!

Hahaha, congratulations!

Not that TPKs are such a good thing, but I think it's good for a GM to have at least one experience of a TPK.

*sniff* I have never had a TPK.

Drejk wrote:
*sniff* I have never had a TPK.

There's a TPK out there somewhere with your name on it.

You'll find TPK when you're not looking for it.

There are plenty more TPKs in the sea.

One day your TPK will come.


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Poor Shalelu.

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magnuskn wrote:
Poor Shalelu.

It gets worse.

Guess whose corpses I'm going to be using as Goti's zombies on the lower level... muahahaha.

gang wrote:
There are plenty more TPKs in the sea.

Personally I blame the drowning rules. :P

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gang wrote:

You'll find TPK when you're not looking for it.

This right here. :)

Name: Eziko Zyfare

Race/ethnicity: Varisian Human

Class/level: Magus 6

Adventure: Night of frozen shadows

Location: Alley in Kalsgard

Circumstances: Killed by a critical hit from a sniper.

The party was out shopping in Kalsgard when a sniper hired by the frozen shadows managed to roll a critical hit on the magus after hitting him with an arrow in the surprise round. The remaining party members (a bard and a sorcerer) managed to catch the sniper but it was already to late to save the poor Magus who was instantly slain by the critical hit. The party plans to use the Amatatsu seal to resurrect him.

Name: Vindrus

Race: Varisian Human

Class/Level: Cavalier 4

Adventure: Brine Wall Legacy (Ish)

Location: Grubbers Hermitage

Circumstances: Good ol Phantasmal Killer!

So, having headed back to Sandpoint with all the goodies in tow, they decide to earn some extra coin before making the long trip to Kalsgard. Enter rumor chart, hit for Grubbers Hermitage and away the party went!

After a good 6 hour horror session, the party learns that the Red Bishop pulls no punches!

Name: Varithen

Race: Tiefling

Class/Level: Inquisitor 4

Adventure: Night of Frozen Shadows

Location: Asvig's Farm
Circumstances: Sleep Hex + CDG

After sneaking up on the farm, and promptly readying enough actions to murder the poor drunken warrior who opened the door, combat was on! Rather than single file through the murder portal (front door) 6 of the warriors headed out of the back to surround the party, forcing them inside (although they did bar the door to buy them extra time!). Rather than sit with his bow in melee, the Inquisitor tumbled past the front lines to shoot the witch (already public enemy #1 with misfortune+cackle). Got hit by the slumber hex and down he went. Warrior 5ft step over, and proceed to CdG, rolled a 2 on the fort save vs dc 21 (even included the sickening minus on the dmg!) and that was all there was to it.

A close two more!:

A negotiation was soon settled after Asvig exploded from cavalier challenge crit, and both sides went their separate ways. However on the way back they ran into Gorvald (who apparently the players LOVE, when you make him sound like an angry Burgomeister from Quest for Glory 4) Some name calling (and I think some PC's mothers' promscuity was called into question) and combat ensued once more. Only by life-link, channels (skipping over poor Gorvald) and the fact that he doesnt use a greataxe.. (I mean really? Why not) does the party get by with the skin of their teeth. (single digits on two party members) Poor Gorvald took a 24 dmg hit (with 3 hp) killing him outright...

He is survived by his niece (Kelda Oxgutter), and so the plot thickens...

^ They went after the Red Bishop? Or did you send him after them?

Yes and Yes... Red Bishop (and I probably toned him WAAAAYY down, as having him be a Cleric (1) of Pazuzu Mothman, as I believe the book stated that the high point should be CR9) did come after the party (only after the killed the cultists/his pet priest.

While the party didn't know who/what the 'Red Bishop' was (only saw them in their nightmares when they tried to rest), they did storm the former temple of Gozreh for the big fight (and put an end to the madness).

If you would like, I can detail out how I setup "Grubber's Hermitage", in another thread. (I personally love all the mini adventure hooks in the Sandpoint article)

Do, Pallius. :)

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Name: Murg

Race: Half Orc

Class/Level: Barbarian 11/Rogue 1

Adventure: Tide of Honor

Location: Shinju-no-ie docks

Circumstances: Torn Asunder by Dragon Turtles

Yeah..that pretty much says it right there.

Honorable mention from last night's game:

Character Name: Kikonu (yes, the bad guy)
Race: Yamabushi Tengu (oni)
Adventure: Brinewall Legacy
Location: Brinewall Castle, Zaiobe's tower
Catalyst: Gods of Dice Rolling favoring an all female adventuring party.

Poor old fanciful Kikonu, we hardly knew ye (litteraly!).

Like all good players, the characters started exploring Brinewall castle by climbing the wall with a makeshift ladder only to discover the dire corbies. Once dispatched, they explored the north side od the upper floor first. After clearing out the corbies in the mess hall, they went straight into the study and up to Zaiobe's nest. They quickly made an alliance with Zaiobe and she told them of the master of the castle, Kikonu. And that as a spirit creature made flesh, she told them of his one vulnerability to fire. The heroes prepared their weapons with oil ready to be lit. Some hid behind the nest, some climbed the support beams.

After Zaiobe contacted Kikonu, he soon arrived and not expecting a band of heroes, entered with a flourish. Initiatives rolled. Zaiobe rolled the highest, first strike. Near maximum damage with two flaming arrows (28 damage out of 30 max!). Kikonu morphed into his bird-like battle form and attacked Zaiobe. One hit, nothing major. Then our perched fighter leaped down with her lit flaming warhammer and scored a massive critical hit (and took herself damage from the fall). The halfling rogue jumped on Kikonu's shoulders and successfuly stabbed him and graciously landed on the floor.

Before the rest of the characters acted in what is still the first round of combat, Kikonu already received 62 damage out of his 57 hit points, a good amount of fire damage and some additional non-lethal damage. Though not dead because of his regeneration, he was KO and Zaiobe warned them to not let up the pressure until Kikonu was burned to ashes. With the amount of books laying around, building a fire was not a problem.

Poor fella never got a chance to Dimension Door, never got a chance to display his playwright skills, not even a single voice theft. I could've had Zaiobe turn on the characters, but being as this all female group could deal massive damage, she resolved to leave further south to follow her next vision (the Red Bishop).

Now that I've lost the fun hero-villain interaction I was hoping to roleplay, I'll instead introduce a dire corby bard "director" on the ground floor that is practicing Kikonu's play with the others.

Cranky Dog, take a look-see at the verbose director from Chapter 2 of Council of Thieves for inspiration. ^__^

Liberty's Edge

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You know, I'm not too sure what to say about this one, really.

Name: Caravan Combat

Races: In this particular case, eight hoarfrost spirits.

Origin: Redmond, Washington

Adventure: The Hungry Storm

Location: Somewhere between the Storm Tower and Ul-Alcorn.

Cause of Death: Utter bull$@#&.

This Is Awfully Meta: Yeah. It is.

So What Happened: After three sessions, the group finally leaves the Storm Tower, and I'm amazed that they didn't go in just to go kill the chrysmals and loot the good stuff they had. The party's on their way, and I roll a random encounter for the very first day's travel out.

Nothing the Party Can't Handle, Right?: If they were on foot, then yeah. Nothing they can't handle.

So the Utter Bull$@%& You Promised: ...If I can answer "What's the caravan's Defense?" with "Okay. 'Don't roll a one.'" and "How much Health does the caravan have?" with "D: D: D:" maybe I should take a nice long look at the math involved in caravan combat. I roll an attack, and I actually say "Hell no. No. $#&# this, I'm not rolling 8d8+4. That's way too much."

Indeed: I know. My best friend insists I roll it anyway, and the caravan takes 38 damage. The caravan makes a second attack roll, and deals middling damage. I should not taunt the party with "Oh, $@%&, son! They only have one hundred Health left!" I roll again, and the caravan (which had a total of 70 Health to begin with) is two-shotted. Everyone involved, myself included, agree that this is utter B.S. and should not happen at all.

The Part Where We Pull a Prince of Persia: We look at the caravan rules and see that there's rules for retreating. A successful Security check is made in the replacement second round of combat, and I sum it up with "Okay, you guys are all terrified, but safe. Pan Li's safe, Qi's safe, Huda's safe, Mei Ling's safe, Mokiyama's safe, Jai-Li's safe, Makoto's safe, Sandru's safe. You're all safe but scared out of your minds. I won't bore you with the details of your miraculous escape from the hoarfrost spirits you could have easily wasted man-to-man, and I'm never running caravan combat ever again."

Because My Group Loves It So Much: I choke on my words when I realize the next encounter is Dead Man's Dome. I remain true to my word and turn it into what I think was a pretty decent melee combat.

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Protip: Convert caravan combat in Hungry Storm into regular combat. Otherwise the caravan will get destroyed in just about every caravan combat that ever comes up in the Hungry Storm.

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Absolutely correct. The caravan rules were not playtested and are a mess.

The Exchange

Caravan combats are scientifically proven to cause tabletop cancer. Little known fact.

Silver Crusade

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Aaand this is why AP-wide subsystems have to die in fire, and luckily they just did.

I think it would be much better if the caravan did [their caravan level x 1d6] worth of damage... Not [1d6+their level] worth.. jus sayin...

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There are a number of threads in the Jade Regent forum that deal with caravan combat. Those should probably be looked at for those running Jade Regent.

LeadPal wrote:
Caravan combats are scientifically proven to cause tabletop cancer. Little known fact.

True story.

Character: Ishiru
Race: Human (Tian Shu)
Class: Rogue 2
Module: Brinewall Legacy
Cause of Death: Mostly an idiot move by another character, but technically Tsutamu the Ronin Skeletal Champion

The haps: My darling little brother was spaced off into the ether as I described the cavern containing the skeletons, the treasure chest and Tsutamu's immobile form sitting atop it. And since he was playing a samurai-like fighter, immediately keyed in on the fact that the skeleton champion was wearing a kabuto helmet...and evidently missed the part about all of his armor being fudged up and in bad shape...also he seemed not to get the classic setup of "if you approach this dude he'll try to murder you." I mean to be fair we've only been playing RPGs together for over 20 years. So my sweet simpleton of a brother barges in with "I'm grabbing that helmet and mask..that's awesome." Our general rule with experienced gamers (or anyone that's played for more than a friggin session really) is that if you interupt the GM's description to "do something" you accept the consequences. So I let him approach Tsutamu for the crappy kabuto helmet...which resulted in all the skeletons and Tsutamu coming to life.

In the ensuing fracas, the light source was extinguished and the skeletons proceeded to murder Walthus Proudstump, Ishiru the innocent rogue bystander and nearly kill the offending idiot fighter.

Character: Skarn
Race: Human (Ulfen)
Class: Fighter 3
Module: Brinewall Legacy
Cause of Death: Slugwart the Ogre jailer

The Haps: Ogres seem to kill more characters in the early levels in my games than almost anything else. Pretty much all it takes is a critical hit, and then the best laid plans of mice and men go quite awry. This case was no different. Everyone was doing okay...and then Slugwart critted the slightly damaged fighter and it was curtains.

Skarn should be very glad that Slugwart didn't drive off the rest of the party and stabilize him. What ogres do to captured adventurers is ... "purty".

That is what ensures the next character is named 'Ollie the Ogre Buggerer' and then things get disgusting.

Andrea1 wrote:
That is what ensures the next character is named 'Ollie the Ogre Buggerer' and then things get disgusting.

Mostly 'cause the ogres'd enjoy it too much ... demented freaks that they are. ;)

Might make an intereting scene..

DM: Okay, the ogre is going to try to stablize you.

Skarn: What? Why?

Dm: It's an ogre, you do the math.

*rolls a 1*

Dm: Hmm..Well..looks like you dodged a bullet there.

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Character Name: Kieran Thane
Adventure: Night of Frozen Shadows
Location: Ravenscraeg
Catalyst: An angry werebear and a drunk alchemist walk into a hallway...

Jorgan the Axe confronted the party in the first level hallway at the back of the great hall. Thane was knocked unconscious by a brutal assault from the werebear. As another party member was grappled by the werebear, the party's alchemist attempted to throw a bomb, designating the squares occupied by party members as "safe" from the bomb's explosion (thanks to a feat). Unfortunately, the alchemist rolled a natural 1, the bomb missed, exploded with a 10' radius... Thane failed his saving throw and was killed.

Note: I modified Jorgan's feats and abilities slightly to focus more on his lycanthropic nature. He was eventually felled by a pair of sleep arrows followed-up by a coup de'grace from a silver bullet (literally).

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Character Name: Jira Vorellia – Half-Orc Inquisitor (Preacher) of Cayden Cailean 8
Adventure: The Hungry Storm
Location: Outside the Storm Tower
Catalyst: Enraged Charda

The party was heading towards the Storm Tower when they stopped to examine the unhallow effect on the entrance. Unfortunately, they decided the best place to conduct the investigation was on the causeway. The two chardas in the slush below decided to attack, and managed to drop the gnome alchemist and push Jira into the black sludge over the course of a few rounds of pitched battle.

The four PCs managed to drop the first charda in a coordinated effort, the second one used the opportunity to blast the entire party with its black bile in a fit of rage. Jira was able to put an arrow in the monster’s eye socket with a critical hit from his long bow in spite of the wind, but the creature retaliated with a full attack. The charda managed to land three successful claw attacks and one successful bite attack, killing the noble half-orc.

The party was able to destroy the monster shortly thereafter and decided to risk raising Jira with the seal, revealing their presence to the Five Storms.

Character Name: Jira Vorellia – Half-Orc Inquisitor (Preacher) of Cayden Cailean 8
Adventure: The Hungry Storm
Location: Storm Tower Level 2
Catalyst: Looking the tastiest

The party managed to clear out the rest of the first floor of the storm tower with little real difficulty, but were running short on resources as they took the elevator to the second floor of the tower. After a quick ride on the elevator, they arrived in a snow covered room that was strangely hot. The party quickly hopped off the elevator platform before it disappeared, but failed to notice something moving under the snow.

Unfortunately for Jira, the remorhaz guarding the room was quite aware of their presence and managed to surprise the party. The creature must have been fond of strange meats, as it chose to bite Jira rather than the succulent Halfling cavalier or his giant husky (wolf) mount. The sorceress cast boneshatter at the beast to try and weaken its grip, but the massive creature shrugged off the worst of the spell. Jira struggled but ultimately failed to break free of the creature’s maw and was swallowed.

Jira perished to the extreme heat of the beast’s insides seconds before his friends could slay the beast and cut him free. The party did recover his burned and partially digested remains, and returned to the caravan dejected. They plan to raise him once the seal recharges in two weeks, provided they can find some provisions and evade the hungry dead.

Those Chadras are brutal. My group nearly lost both of our summoners to them.

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Double kill on the same PC! Hardcore! :)

The Exchange

Character Name: Jari Marsu – Half-Elf Ranger1/Cleric5 of Desna
Adventure: Night of Frozrn Shadows
Location: Ravenscraeg Dungeons
Catalyst: Healing someone!

I have a group of 6 playing, and this is the third character death. The party is near the end and encounters the columns outside Kimandatsu's chambers. They quickly learn of the danger to their weapons and immunity to magic so use salvaged spears from the monks to fight. Inquisitor get between them to lure them out of their cubbyholes and goes full defense. They don't take the bait and the rest of the party has to cram up to make attacks. next round the inquisitor wants out of the flank and so opens the doors to get maneuvering room, triggering the end fight as well. Kitmandatsu is peppering them at the entrance with arrows from a flying vantage point in the room. The party's ninja sneaks past the columns and enters the room only to fall victim to charm monster next round. after two rounds the inquisitor, now flanking and bane construct-ed his weapon, manages to kill one of the columns, but had been double teamed by the columns for a bit and wounded badly. multiple ninjas start attacking the party ninjas from concealment among the screens and keep him occupied. Seeing her column defender shattered, Kimandatsu flies to the corridor entrance and puts a cone of cold up the passageway for 37 points hurting everyone and knocking the inquisitor down to nearly dead.
The Jari converts a cure serious and gets the inquisitor conscious. The column, still blocking the entrance is attacked by the party magus and archer. Next round Kitmandatsu moves up drawing Oathtaker and gets a single crit on the cleric doing 68 points and knocking him to -27 hit points.
The party is eventually victorious but is is the only fight that much of a challenge in Ravenscraeg, once they were prepared for poison. most of my forces needed 17's or 20's to hit the party's front line folks. Typically they only retreated due to spell depletion. the thugs and ninja's rarely were a threat.

My second Jade Regent book just claimed its first casualty.

Character Name: Merrick Half-elf half Sorcerer.
Adventure: Night of Frozrn Shadows
Location: Ravenscraeg Dungeons
Catalyst: Deathblade Poison

In the windy tower where Wodes lives, Merick was struck by an errant poisoned weapon of one of the Tengu Ninja resting here. The party had mostly been blinded by the swarm of ravens pouring through the window at Wodes command, so poor Merrick was unable to get the help he needed to get rid of the poison and dropped dead during the last round of combat.

Of the 6 total rounds, he suffered 3 con from the initial poisoning, 3 the following round, 3 the round after that, 2 after that, then made a save while drinking an antitoxin, then failed another save, dropping his con by 2 more points and finishing off poor Merrick!

Both of my groups thus far have had a 'no retreat' policy with Ravenscraeg, and that seems to have upped the difficulty quite a bit for them respectively as they are having to hold on to their spells and rely heavily on wands/consumables. The first group made it through with some bumps and bruises as well, hopefully the second group can finish it out.

Is it just me, or is Ravenscraeg killing a LOT of PCs?

Gluttony wrote:
Is it just me, or is Ravenscraeg killing a LOT of PCs?

It's killed 3 characters so far for just me alone(Between my two groups)!

Kimandatsu, the way I played her for my first group, is a particularly challenging fight as she frequently did things to avoid getting full attacked by my first groups hasted Barbarian and using her positioning to ensure that melee attackers have to provoke attacks in order to close with her.

There is a lot of con damage to be had potentially from Deathblade poison alone, so that can cause trouble too. In my first group, the sorcerer entered the last boss fight with 5 total HP, fully healed and somehow managed to survive just due to staying the heck away until the last possible moments.

Liberty's Edge

We're back, baby! And with a loooong post!

Name: Mei Ling
Race: Human
Origin: Chong Kuo (Chong Kuo is our group's China.)
Adventure: Forest of Spirits
Location: In the caravan, just outside Ordu-Aganhei.
Cause of Death: You get my favorite Quest For Glory II quote here- "A mace to the face will make you race with haste to the nearest plastic surgeon's place."

Name: Mokiyama
Race: Kitsune
Origin: Khitan (our group's Mongolia.)
Adventure: Forest of Spirits
Location: Also in the caravan, just outside Ordu-Aganhei.
Cause of Death: Justice/HONORRRRRRRRRRRRRR~

....I Can't Wait to Hear This: So after an excruciatingly long trek through the Wall of the World (which took a couple months in-game and out), Pan Li's Repeatedly-Renamed Traveling Freak Show/Pawn Shoppe/Funeral Procession/Rock Band finally made it to Book Four and the city of Ordu-Agahei. Chua lets them in, and I expect the party's stay in their first actual city since the city of Tsai Tseng half a year ago to go like this:

DAY ONE: Party rock~ [BIT DO BIT DO BEE-WEEEET x4 or x5]
DAY TWO: Party's in the houuuuse toniiiight~
DAY THREE: Everybody just wants to have a good time~
DAY FOUR: Something something loooooose your miiiiiind~
DAY FIVE: Everybody just wants to have a good good time EVERYDAY AH'M SHUFFLIN'

That's Probably Not How The Song Goes: And it's not how the festival went, either. It was more like-

Mokiyama: Holy crap, you guys! Is it just me or is it really, really creepy here? Like that Twilight Zone episode where EVERYONE'S smiling because the king's smiling?
Pan Li: So... you can recognize when someone's being creepy?
Mokiyama: Yeah, and it's uber-creepy!
Qi: All right. Let's just attend this festival Prince Dakkar's holding and get the hell out of here.
Mei: Won't that offend him?
Pan Li: Do we really care? This place is creeping me and Mokiyama and Qi out.
Mokiyama: RIght! Creepy! Love you, Mister Pan Li~!

(A digression: Mokiyama's player, Mike, played him with a completely hilariously one-sided love for Pan Li. Pan Li is a vanara. Mokiyama is a kitsune. Have fun with that mental image.)

Party Not So Hearty: So, after Pan Li wrestles awesomely, Qi demonstrates that she's not the best mounted archer, and Mokiyama unintentionally wins a horse race while frozen in absolute terror the entire time, the group informs Prince Batislar Dakkar that they must be going now. And so, Ordu-Aganhei is closed to them, and while they make ready to leave, I spring the ninja ambush on them. Mei is hit during a critical hit-filled fight and starts bleeding profusely.

You Know You Only Get to Finesse Katanas in D&D Next, Right?: I know, and attack rolls were adjusted quickly. Getting back on track...

That Bleeding Diviner: So, Mei immediately starts complaining about wanting to be healed so she'll stop bleeding. Mokiyama heals everyone else in the group who needs it. While Pan Li is busy freeing Suishen from its resting place in the street (there were a lot of fumbles, too...) Mei starts alternately complaining/guzzling healing potions. And then Mokiyama forms a plan. An eeeeeeeeeevil plan.

The Plan: I go Ixgnot on Mei Ling during the night while Qi's out. Stealth Check 23
Coup de Grace 22 bashing
Fort Save 32

Ixgnot?: A chrysmal named Ixgnot snuck onto the caravan during the Storm Tower run. It mostly annoyed Mokiyama, and one night while everyone was asleep, he coup-de-graced it into crystalline pieces.

Why Nobody Stopped This: Most of the other PCs and important NPCs were asleep. Qi was sneaking back into Ordu-Aganhei to steal some scrolls in the hopes that one of them was a Regenerate scroll. An errant critical hit cost her a couple fingers during the ninja battle.

While the Ninja's Away: Mokiyama enacts his sinister plan, Mei fails the Perception check to hear Mokiyama, Mei's skull is utterly crushed by the mace. For good measure, the kitsune stabs Mei's flattened face with one of the katanas picked up in the ninja battle. Qi returns to the caravan just in time to hear the mace thudding into Mei's head, but thinks nothing of it.

And Then: The next morning, Mokiyama's handiwork is discovered, some old-fashioned forensicology is called up, the realization that swords don't leave baseball-sized bruises or crush skulls is made, and Jai-Li (the Ameiko replacement) asks everyone (with help of Charm Person) if they killed Mei. Mokiyama, the only character on the caravan with a bludgeoning weapon, resists Charm Person, and when asked if he's hiding something, replied "I'm hiding MANY things!" When directly asked, "Mokiyama, did you murder Mei Ling?" he replied, "Well... define 'murder!'" This earned him a Greater Trip/Vicious Stomp from Pan Li, and an invisible sap sneak attack from Qi.

Frontier Justice: A tribunal is called, consisting of Pan Li, Sandru, and Jai-Li, where they decide they can't just exile Mokiyama- the prince of Ordu-Aganhei hates him, and if it's known he killed Mei (the prince's obsession), he'd be executed. The consensus: Seppuku. Jai-Li's boyfriend Makoto goes and grabs a tree branch, where this conversation takes place:

Pan Li: Doesn't he use a sword for this?
Makoto: (chopping at the branch with his wakizashi) Well, first he'd contact his lord to ask permission to commit sepukku. If the lord sends his ancestral sword in response, he's saying "Look, I absolve you of whatever it is you've done, but you still have to go through with this." Now... if he sends a wooden sword, like I'm making now, he's saying "I don't think for one second that you have the courage to actually go through with this." He'll need a second to stand by to decapitate him once he impales himself.
Qi: If he doesn't cry out, right?
Makoto: Right. If he does, leave Mokiyama where he lies.
Mokiyama: Umm... Can I Knowledge (Religion) the significance of the wooden sword once I wake up? =D

For Honor/Honour: Mokiyama impales himself on the bokken, and voluntarily fails the Fortitude save to not die.

What Now?: The replacement characters are a Lawful Good samurai and either an oracle or druid. I hope they know what kind of mess they're inheriting.

Dark Archive

Character Name: San (human Qiggong monk 6)

Catalyst: Goti Runcaster's survival, successful party stalking, and his warning to Kjaerulff & Mistivir that the PCs were there to loot the giant mounds.

Reason: The party had just crossed the Rimethirst Mountains when they noticed they were being stalked by a giant, however before they could move to investigate, they were attacked from the other direction by Goti Runecaster. As a result, the party split.

In the ensuing fight, an already enlarged Kjaerulff scored a full round attack with his great axe that connected 3 times doing over 70pts of damage, and carving poor San in half.

Fortunately the PC's were able to win the day, barely, and bring down Kjaerulff, Mistivir, and Goti though it was very close. San was subsequently brought back via the Amatasu Seal, which now lies dormant for a month.

My first parties Barbarian actually had a tough run-in with Kjaerulff as well. His full attacks are quite nasty and was only alive due to his orcish ferocity allowing him to keep raging for long enough to be healed.

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