Spontaneous Casters Preparing Spells in Pathfinder Society Play

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The feat Arcane Preparation can be found in Complete Arcane. It allows a spontaneous caster to prepare spells. The prepared spell holding a spot in their normal spells per day until cast. This allows the spontaneous caster to apply meta-magic feats to a spell ahead of time, and be able to cast these spells at their normal casting time.

For a home campaign you can just use Complete Arcane. Since CA is a 3.5 splatbook it can not be used in Pathfinder Society play. I was looking to see if an equivalent was available that was legal for Society play, since I do not own all the books listed in Additional Resources.

I have no idea why the original thread was moved to a different forum, since it isn’t a rules question. This is a question on the contents of the Additional Resources listed for Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

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I dont know of any equivalent feat, but the Arcane Bloodline with a sorcerer, being able to cast metamagic enhanced spells at regular casting time is one of their abilities at 3rd level.

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