Ultimate Combat: Vehicles Making Wide Turns (Can I get a diagram?)

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Alright, I understand the normal turning rules, but as first sentence of the optional rule for wide turns suggests, that abstraction sacrifices a bit too much verisimilitude for my liking.

Unfortunately, I've read the rules for wide turns about 5× now and even tried sketching this out on graph paper, but I'm still unable to visualize how this should look on a map grid:

UC page 174 wrote:
Have the driver make a driving check as usual. If she succeeds at the check, she can turn the vehicle. When a vehicle makes a turn, it has a chance to make a vehicular overrun or ramming maneuver on any creature within the turning area, which is a square with sides equal to the vehicle’s length, with one vertex touching the front facing of the vehicle on the side opposite to the direction of the turn. In other words, put the square with one side running along the vehicle’s front, perpendicular to its forward facing, and another running the direction of its current forward facing. Place the square so its far corner is within the desired destination of the vehicle. If the turn is successful, the vehicle ends this movement in that area, facing toward the direction of the turn.

Could someone who has more coffee in their system perhaps please create a diagram in Excel showing how this works? I'm embarrassed to admit it, but my reading comprehension and powers of visualization are completely failing me right now. :(

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This might help: DIAGRAM

What the guide is asking you to do is make a square with the dimensions of the vehicle's length.

In my example, the vehicle is 4 squares long, so the square in question is a 4x4.

The square is placed at the very front of the vehicle, one line butting up flat against it. Depending on wherther you are making a right or left turn, you place the opposite edge of the square that points directly forwards from the vehicle in line with the same side of the vehicle.

e.g. I want to make a left-hand turn with this vehicle in the diagram. I work out the square, and place its rightmost edge in a straight line with the right side of the vehicle.

From here, you can judge where the vehicle will turn to, which is the upper right corner in my diagram and will end its movement there.

Hope that helps.

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Oh, I thought they were talking about drawing the square around the ship (which didn't make a damn bit of sense).

OK, so after the turn then the ship will be top-aligned and facing right in that black square you drew? Somehow I was expecting there to be an intermediate step in the turn, but I suppose this is better than simply drawing the turning box directly in front with the vehicle center/middle-aligned.

Too bad they didn't split the diagram at the top of the facing page in two (or add a smaller inset) to demonstrate the difference. In any event, thanks for clearing this up for me, I appreciate it. :)

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