Question about campaign traits and devotion / enmity

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If you reach this Relationship Level with the NPC

associated with your Campaign Trait, the trait bonus
granted to you from your Campaign Trait doubles.

If you’re ever lucky

enough to win the NPC’s love, this +1 trait bonus on saving
throws applies at all times, as long as your relationship
remains active.

Does this mean that if I reach devoted with an NPC that my character has their childhood crush on, and later enter into a romance with them, I gain a +2 to all saving throws all of the time? The fact that I get the bonus all of the time doesn't directly confirm or deny the bonus being "doubled", which is why I'm asking this question.

The Exchange

By RAW, it most definitely does. I'm sure it's unintended, though.

Spoilers for Romancing Shalelu:
A min-maxed, charisma based PC could build their relationship score high enough to romance Shalelu by level 10 or so, which is planned to be early in the fourth AP. Something like +7 for charisma, +4 for the trait itself, +9 for level, +10 for gifts, and maybe +5 for special events. The events are iffy, but otherwise that's a conservative estimate--I'm assuming +charisma items don't count, and if we're playing a true diplomancer we could expect more from gifts. Thus, it would not be difficult for the trait to grant a constant +2 to all saves for half the campaign. That's pretty excessive.
I'd go with one benefit or the other--either you need to continue making charisma checks each day, only to gain a +2 instead of +1, or you're just getting a +1 automatically.

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