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Arise! Arise!

My version of Adivion, inspired by many of the great ideas in this forum (and a bit of an accident at the table)... As my campaign is just getting off the ground, I welcome any feedback.

Adivion Adrissant, the Fallen Hero

Born to minor, wealthy nobility in the county Caliphas, Adivion was always a precocious child. Brilliant by any measure of such things, he was a born polymath, flitting from the study of the natural sciences, to mathematics, to more esoteric lore, the young lord Adrissant was, unfortunately, a bit cursed. His natural abilities led him to almost organically begin to see himself as beyond the people he was surrounded with. His parents were loving, if distant. His tutors were diligent, and some even felt honored to work with him, but to him, they were... shadows. He could outhink them, outwit them, and see through their motivations. His entire life he felt as if he was the only truly real person, walking in a garden of images, with no more depth than a ray of sunlight.

When Petros Lorrimor came into his life, as his teacher at the University of Lepidstadt, it was a revelation. Here was a man who challenged him. He sought out the older man, made it a point to BE challenged by him. The two men became friends, as mentor and mentee. For Lorrimor's part, he saw in the young Adrissant a more than worthy mind, but was always troubled by what he saw as a certain... coldness. A disconnection to the greater whole of humanity. Lorrimor made it a point to try and be the anchor, the conscience of this young man. And it worked... for a time.

Together, Lorrimor and Adrissant, along with others, soon took up with the Palatine Eye, most especially in their work against the Whispering Way. It was a shadow game being played in full view of the nation, and Adrissant excelled. He reveled in being able to exercise his abilities against a coven of near immortals. The problem came when he, in his endlessly iterating series of probabalistic projections, came to an inevitable conclusion. That no matter how well they played the game, no matter how many pieces they removed from the board... the Whispering Way would win. In the end, entropy would take hold, the Palatine Order would succumb to its already burdensome secrecy and circumstance, and the Way would win. Adivion saw only one way out. The Palatine Order and the Way must... merge. The Palatine Order could give the Way leadership and direction, take control of it for the betterment of all. It was inevitable that Tar-Baphon would be unchained... sometime... and so it must be that if he would be released, let the Order do it, now, and under their command.

He knew that the leadership of the Palatine Order would rebel at this notion, even his good friend Lorrimor would be horrified, but he felt he must try. He owed his friend that. Thus began the fight that would break their bond and drive Adivion away from his friend and mentor. Adivion was not so foolish as to reveal his plans all at once, but he began testing the waters in debates and conversations, and eventually it was enough to poison the well. Lorrimor rejected him. Now knowing that if his good friend wouldn't listen, what hope was there for the rest, he opted instead to begin working on the Whispering Way. No enemy of the Way was better versed in their tactics and their knowledge than Adivion, so it was an easy matter to in turn infiltrate them, to make his way swiftly through their ranks.

As the years went by, and his double life grew more difficult to manage, he made another fateful decision. He created a simulacrum of himself and carefully manicured its memories and knowledge. False Adivion would continue, living his life, teaching at the Quarterfaux Archives as a Curate Professor of Ethics and Logic, and Adivion Prime would continue, rising through the ranks of the very organization he was sworn to destroy with the misguided notion that he could, he WOULD, control it.

Lorrimor's death was an accident. He was not even supposed to BE in Ravengro at the time. Adivion Prime himself met with the Professor in a bid to win the old man back, repair their relationship, and keep him away from Harrowstone long enough for that brute Vrood to be in and out with the required soul. But the Professor was a stubborn old man, and too curious for his own good. And so, he was were he was not supposed to be, and died for it.

The funeral was attended by Adivion... but not Adivion. The simulacrum that thinks of itself as Adivion was righteously indignant and furious at the death of his beloved mentor, even though they hadn't spoken in 7 years. He was even more confused and frustrated when the player characters pointed out that the professor's own journal indicated that they had spoken together not three months ago?! Absurd. There must be someone out there so conducting so convincing a performance that it would fool the old man. And so, this is where we are. Two Adivions exist, one, the prime, now risen to the top of the order he's sworn to destroy and another, the false man, determined to find out who in the Way would be so foolish as to strike at him. The two are now destined to collide, but unfortunately for the false man, as well intentioned as he may be, he is just ice and snow after all...

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