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RAC (Ranger 4, UMD).

If the mount, bonded animal, (improved) familiar is an outsider, casting a raise dead will not function.

Considering the intent of the spell, and the cost, I'd like to see that it functions as a limited wish solely for returning these creatures from death.

I think this is the intent of the spell. And I believe the interpretation reasonable for the cost. Could people FAQ this please for the purpose of getting a clarification?

Liberty's Edge

I see nothing in the spell to suggest it is intended to override an inherent part of the outsider type description. Other than wishing it were so, why do you think the intent includes this?

It costs 1/5 of a raise dead with the same functionality, but is limited in who it works on.

That's the primary intent of the spell, to give a cheaper way of ressurecting an animal companion etc.

As for outsiders, don't they reform on their homeplane after being killed on the material plane? Well I guess I could see how this spell could be interpreted as calling them back again, but thats not how it works by RAW, and would need houseruling.

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