2nd Edition Psionics Conversion


Has anybody adapted the 2nd Edition Psionic rules to Pathfinder? I have been thinking about it and have some things written down and would like to get other's ideas on the subject.

Please don't let this devolve into another wasted psionics thread. I'm in no way insulting what Dreamscarred Press did and this isn't a really a thread for the typical psionics belonging/ different or same as magic/ points or slots arguments.

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I am looking for a psionic add on to classes, not an entire class devoted to it. It has been a long time, but I thought 2nd edition and the Dark Sun stuff did a fairly good job with the add on.

Any luck finding updated 2nd edition or a reprint of the original book around?

I did a conversion a while ago from 2nd to 3rd, I think I made the wild talent stuff a feat.

Wild Talent (general)
You have awakened some of the hidden potential of your mind.
Prerequisites: Con 16+, Int 16+, or Wis 16+, no psionicist levels.
Benefit: You gain PSPs equal to the ability modifiers for your Constitution, Intelligence, and Wisdom score on the Inherent Potential table. The amount of PSPs changes if those abilities change. You also pick one power that does not have any prerequisites that you have sufficient PSPs to manifest. You can now use this power like a psionicist can.
Special: This feat can be taken at 1st level to represent a natural talent for psionics. This feat may be taken after 1st level, however some exposure to psionics should be the "trigger" before taking this feat after 1st level. If you gain psionicist levels after taking this feat, the wild talent power's discipline determines your primary discipline and must be selected as one of the first level psionicist powers known. You lose the benefits of this feat, however you gain the benefits of the Harness Subconscience feat.

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