The DPR Summer Olympics, or What are we supposed to use? Harsh language?


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There's the full pouch spell, but you'd need to use the archmage spirit and it'd only save the cost of one alchemical item per round. Keep watch would help with crafting time but archmage, again. Crafter's fortune is at least a medium spell.

No, no cunning ideas on how to save thousands of gp/day. Of course if your first action each combat is casting haste or some other buff that'd reduce the amount of time you spend actually throwing money at people.

If your splash weapons are made from plant-based material, you could make them all at once with a wand of minor creation for just 315 gp per day.

Not sure I can use 'minor creation' to conjure flask of acid :D Also that's 4th level spell, wand would be very expensive.

I think maybe my calculation of average number of attacks per day were wrong: 138 flasks thrown o__O I have a feeling that I rarely throw something like 30-40 flasks per day, that still expensive but I could try to optimize something.

Probably I should use a bow for regular encounters or maybe start encounter with flasks, then finish with bow if I feel that things going well. Spirit bonus + boon makes really good buff for any weapon, also I can use orc Hornbow with 2d6 base damage (Spirit grants any weap.proficiency)

I also modified stats and equip a little:
Flasks DPR still very decent, but AC and saves a bit lower.

And with bow I have 4 attacks +17/+17/+17/+12 2d6+8
avg DPRbow: 40, with haste 51. Not very big numbers, I'll see maybe I can improve that.

sheet: ytkL96zo/edit?usp=sharing

_Maybe_ I should just dip 1 level of medium to grab Spirit, Boon and hornbow prof. Then Rogue 2, and then Fighter 7. Better BAB, and feats: weapon focus, weapon training, weapon specialization for bow.

Flamer, half orc NAture Bound Magus 10
Material used: Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Wilderness, Ultimate Campain, Pathfinder Player Companion: Dragon Empires Primer, Pathfinder Core, Advanced Players guide, Path of Rightousness, Advanced Race Guide.
Ability Scores:
STR: 18 (+4) (13 base, +1 level + 4 Belt)
DEX: 10 (+0) (15 base, +1 level, +2 racial, +4 belt)
CON: 12 (+1)
INT: 14 (+2)
WIS: 8 (+1)
CHA: 22 (+6) (15 Base + 2 Racial + 1 Level + 4 headband)

HP: 60 HP (10d8+10)
Familiar HP: 30

Saving Throws:
Fort: +10 Ref: +7 Will: +8

AC: 25 - Touch 12, Flatfooted 25 (+9 +3 Breastplate , 0 dex, +4 Natural Armor-Familiar Symbois and Amulet of natural armor + 2 Ring of Protection)

Spell combat casting flame blades: Empowered Penetrating Flame Blade +10/+5 (7 Bab + 4 Str + 1 WEapon focus (1d8[4.5] +5 spell +5 FCB + 6 Cha) x 1.5 [Empower]= 30 Damage per hit (Ignore first 10 ER) DPR: (.95*30+.15*1*30*.95)32.775 + (.75*30 + *.15*1*30*.75) 25.15 = 57.925)
Spell combat Casting either Bladed dash or Acid Splash: Flame blade +10/+10/+5 (1d8[4.5] +5 spell +5 FCB + 6 Cha) x 1.5 [EMpower]= 30 Damage per hit (Ignore first 10 ER) [ (.95*30+.15*1*30*.95)32.775 +(.95*30+.15*1*30*.95)32.775 + + (.70*30 + *.15*1*30*.70) 25.15] = 90.7
Special Attacks:
Spell combat.

Class Abilities:914
Magus Spell Casting
Natural Magic (Add druid spells )
Familiar - Protector Familiar
Symboitic Familiar (+2 NA)
Woodland Stride.
Magus Arcane ( Close Range, Disruptive, Spellbreaker)
Bonus Feat: Flame Blade Dervish.

BAB: +7 CMB: +11 CMD: 21

+5 to fire damage spells

Heighten Spell
Empower Spell
Preffered spell (Flame blade can be cast Spontanously and with metamagic without increasing cast time)
Peircing spell
WEapon Focus Scimatar

Knowlege arcana
Use Magic Device

Wayan spell hunter (Flame blade)
Magical Lineage (Flame Blade)

+4 Belt of Str 16000
+4 Headband of Cha 16000
+2 Ring of Protetion 8000
+3 Breastplate 4350
+2 CLoak of Resistance 4000
+2 AMulet of Natural Armor 8000

650 GP left over

Spells added Nature Magic:
1st: Entangle
2nd: Flame Blade
4th: Ecolocation

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Slim Jim wrote:

1. Have there been any updates to the wording of the DPR challenge since the OP?

2. What's the most DPR so far? (I haven't read all nine pages.)

The most ever that was technically PFS legal at the time was Infinity Damage, submitted by me.

But they have since made it illegal, probably because of me.

Tony the Pouncing Tiger

Human, Bloodrager 1 / Weretouched Shifter 4 / Snakebite Striker 1 / Vigilante 2 / Drill Sergeant 2

Ability Scores, Racial Traits and Traits:
Str 17+1, Dex 13+1, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8

Lycanthropic Wild Shape, Rage, +2 Belt: +8 to Strength

Focused Study (Skill Focus at lv 1, 8 & 16), replaces Bonus Feat
Heart of the Fey (Low-light vision, +1 to Reflex/Will saves), replaces Skilled.

Indomitable Faith (Faith, or any other +1 Will saves trait)
Linebreaker (Regional, add +10 to your base speed when charging)


Class Features:
Bloodrage (11 rounds), Fast Movement (+10), Bloodline, Bloodline Familiar (Donkey Rat, Valet archetype)

Weretouched Shifter:
Lycanthrope Aspect, Shifter claws, Wild empathy, Defensive instinct, Track, Woodland stride, Defensive instinct (+1), Lycanthropic Wild Shape

Snakebite Striker:
Brawler's Cunning, Unarmed Strike, Sneak Attack +2d6

Dual Identity, Seamless guise, Social talent (Undecided), Vigilante specialization, Shield of Blades

Drill Sergeant:
Bonus Feat, Bonus Feat, Tactician



1 Power Attack, Skill Focus (Stealth)
3 Stealth Synergy
5 Shifter’s Rush
7 Accomplished Sneak Attacker
8 Skill Focus (Perception), Extra Rage (B)
9 Hellcat Stealth, Lookout (B)
10 Hellcat Pounce (B), Coordinated Charge (B)


Magic Items:
Boots of Speed
(12,000 gp)

Cloak of Resistance +3
(9,000 gp)

Helm of the Mammoth Lord
(8,500 gp)

Belt of Strength +2
(4,000 gp)

Furious Amulet of Mighty Fists
(4,000 gp)

Cracked Pale Green Prism (+1 Comp to attacks)
(4,000 gp)

Shadow Special Armor Ability
(3750 gp)

MWK O-Yoroi +1
(2,850 gp)
+9 Armor Bonus, -5 ACP

Eyes of the Eagle
(2,500 gp)

Ring of Protection +1
(2,000 gp)


Familiar Items:

Menacing Amulet of Mighty Fists (another +2 while flanking)
(4,000 gp)

Quick Runner’s Shirt
(1,000 gp)

58600 / 62,000 gp spent


Defensive Statistics:
Raging and Hybrid Shifter Form

HP: 67 (10+7d10+2d8+10), +20 while raging

AC: 26, 10 + 9 (armor) +1 (Deflection) +2 (Natural) +1 (Instinct) -2 (Rage) +3 (Shield of Blades) +2 (Dexterity)
Touch: 12
Flat-Footed: 24
CMD: 30

Initiative: +2
Low-light vision, (Scent while shifting), Perception: +26
Stealth: +21 (roll twice with Stealth Synergy)

Movement: 35 (in Heavy Armor)

Fortitude: 19
Reflex: 15
Will: 13

Saves (Unchained)
Fortitude: 14.67
Reflex: 12.5
Will: 14.67


Offensive Statistics:
Raging and Hybrid Shifter Form: 1 Bite and 2 Claw attacks. Grab and Pounce abilities.

Helm of the Mammoth Lord: 1 Gore attack

Boots of Speed: +1 to attack/AC and another Bite attack. (You get an extra attack when pouncing)

Sneak Attack: +2d6

Power Attack: -3/+6

+21 (2d6+10), +21/+21 (2d4+10), +21 (1d6+10)

CMB: 19


This character is really just a thought experiment of how many attacks you could actually fit into the surprise round, and the end result isn't too shabby.

The scenario I'm envisioning is that Tony has set up an ambush, and is just waiting for the target to come within 60 ft of him and his Familiar.
The moment they do, the Donkey Rat (or any other small familiar with the Valet archetype) will charge them and trigger Coordinated Charge, which allows Tony to charge them as an immediate action (I've linked the relevant feats in the "Feats" spoiler). Thanks to pounce, Tony can make a full-attack at the end of this immediate action charge. Then when he's finished with his five attacks, he takes a Full-Attack action thanks to Lookout, and another five attacks.

Now, the dumb part.

For every attack that hits, Tony gets another attack with the same attack bonus. All thanks to Hellcat Pounce.

That's a theoretical maximum of 20 attacks in the surprise round, with a 60% chance of all 20 attacks happening. If it weren't for those pesky Natural 1's, it would be a sure thing.

Damage Per Surprise Round:
Average CR 10 creature AC: 24
Average CR 10 creature Flat-Footed AC: 21

Boots of Speed: ~305

Boots of Speed, Power Attack: ~398

Boots of Speed, Power Attack, Sneak Attack: ~464

Boots of Speed, Power Attack, Sneak Attack, Familiar uses Quick Runner's Shirt to set up flank: ~547


And this is all without any buffing done, since Shifter's Rush allows us to wildshape as a free action.
Also, with the exception of Quick Runner’s Shirt, this is all PFS legal (AFAIK).

So I just realized that Shifter Claws doesn't have a duration, which means that we can pump those attacks up to 28 in the surprise round.

Damien the Pouncing Deinonychus

Same as above, but change the attack routine from:

+21 (2d6+10), +21/+21 (2d4+10), +21 (1d6+10)


+21/+21 (1d8+10), +21/+21 (1d6+10), +21/+21 (1d4+10)

Keep in mind that you ignore DR/Cold Iron and DR/Silver on all natural attack thanks to the Shifter Claws class feature.

Also, we lost the Grab ability of the bite/claws.


And it might be smarter to take a Rhamphorhynchus as a familiar. It can't provide flank, but it can fly and charge into your enemy's space, which will make charging easier.

(This also frees up the 5,000 gp spent on it).


Damage Per Surprise Round:
Boots of Speed, Power Attack: 510

Boots of Speed, Power Attack, Sneak Attack: 682


The DPR outside of the surprise round is just a third of the maximum, but 234 DPR is still respectable.

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