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We started with a group of 5 players, but due to various circumstances, 3 of the players have decided to depart from the game.

Megan our GM is a good GM and posts daily, so players are asked to do the same to keep the game rolling along. Both Megan and the remaining players are committed to keeping the game going and hope any player who joins will be too.

Currently we have an elven necromancer and a half-elf rogue, 1st level characters built with 20 points and 2 traits, yours should use the same. We hope to attract 2-3 more players, who can provide us with a good background as to why and what they are doing in Ravengro, or late for the funeral with an association with Professor Lorrimor.

We shall leave the thread open for submissions until midnight Monday 4th July, when we shall decide which players to invite, based upon their character and background stories. Please submit your character backgrounds on this thread, (with or without a full character sheet).

See the discussion thread and the game thread for background.

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I'm not good at selling this stuff...come on people..

In terms of the plot, its hardly got a great time to join.

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Thank you, folks. I too am eager to continue... but I fear for the safety of these two brave souls if we can find none to stand beside them.

Posting to show interest, but as of yet I have no character concept.

Having been in games where things have drifted apart, I understand and empathize with you all.


I do have one idea, basically a 'Better' Xane

Using this => Half-Ogre, as the ground work to build up from.

*Bows* Looking forwards to your feed back.

Also of note, I am in a completely different time zone than most people on the boards and Real Life is presenting me with loads of overtime and shift work. So if my replies seem 'spotty', it's probably caused by me not having a lot of time to access my computer/internet. =)

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Woohoo! Lets get some more peeps! It would be great if we could get a melee type and/or healing type!

What Tre' says is true Megan is a great DM and posts regularly! So if we can fill the spots this game will strive!

Also if anyone wants to try and link backstories to either of the remaining characters feel free too, it could make bringing them into the 'fold' easier!

Unfortunately, I suck at writing intricate back stories for my characters, so I'm out. :-)

Certainly interested in playing, love to try out a Paladin. I'll work up a sheet for her now, and it'll be linked off this profile to the dndsheets wip I got started.

edit: are any races in particular off limits?

The Trait: Chance Savior from the CC player guide looks like a nice way to tie her into the story as well.

I am considering making a half-orc monk.

Or maybe another race monk, or a half-orc something. Or a something something.

As you see, I haven't really decided yet, but right now the half-orc monk looks interesting to me, have to think about a good backstory, but I think i have an idea already.

I am also interested in playing. I was considering either a natural weapon ranger or a beast totem barbarian. I will have a character sheet posted in a little while

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I feel an elven blade bound magus in my future. Let me read through the Player Guide and see if I can find a concept I like.

, wrote:

Using this => Half-Ogre, as the ground work to build up from.

*Bows* Looking forwards to your feed back.

Hey Sunny, K'Thang I know you's a good poster, whatever timezone you're in. ... :)

But.....Can't say I like the idea of the half-ogre, I agree with the comments, that it doesn't have enough disadvantages to balance the +4 Strength. As a personal preference I would rather the characters be taken from Paizo pubs, rather than 3rd party pubs, but that's just me. .. :(

Well, you did ask... :)

*Nods* To Tre'duinne Braeguldae.

But...are you the DM...?

As for not using the Half-Ogre. I'm okay for using 'Xane' as is. =)

So, starting with her as having both the 'Young' template and the 'Giant' template. Buying the 'Young' template off with going up a level at 4th and then adding the 'Advanced' template at 8th.

Yes? No?

Have I made the Dm's head asplodie yet? =)

Thank you for the kind words Tre'duinne Braeguldae. *Bows*

Tre'duinne Braeguldae wrote:

But.....Can't say I like the idea of the half-ogre, I agree with the comments, that it doesn't have enough disadvantages to balance the +4 Strength. As a personal preference I would rather the characters be taken from Paizo pubs, rather than 3rd party pubs, but that's just me. .. :(

Just want to point out that the Orc race from the beastiary has 3x -2 to balance a single +4, as well as light-sensitivity.

The half-ogre really seems a bit powerful compared to that.

"Why does everyone always think that life is somehow going to be special to them? That somehow they deserve more than the rest of us simply because of who they are."
Arturin Vesket, born and raised in the city of Ardis, the son of a city guardsman. Arturin knew from the very beginning that he wanted to be like his father, wearing the armor, carrying the weapon, enforcing order. He trained hard, studied hard and became devoted to his mission. Accepted into the military academy as a young man, he quickly grew skilled and was always at the top of his class, but always passed over for leadership positions because of his "lack of noble blood". The frustration of blood over merit, never sat well with him.
During a military exercise the company came upon a small caravan being surrounded and assaulted by a gang of bandits. Arturin knew immediately what must be done but the Captain, a noble-born young man, refused to involve the company in assisting the caravan as it was outside the parameters of the mission. Arturin could not stand by and let the abuse of the innocents continue so rallied a few of the men and ignoring the cries of the captain charged to assist. It was a bloody fight, but Arturin and the few drove off the bandits and rescued the caravan. In the process of this, 3 of Arturin's comrades were killed. Due to disobeying a direct order that resulted in the deaths of 3 of his fellow soldiers Arturin was to be court-marshaled. Arturin was sure he was to be executed for his actions and to serve as an example to others but an impassioned plea from one of the caravan patrons was enough to sway the court into reducing the punishment to 50 lashes and expulsion from the military. After suffering the lashes Arturin's recovery was looked after by this caravan patron. Arturin discovered later that it was Professor Lorrimor whom he had saved and who was responsible for his medical treatment.
Since that time, Arturin has hired himself out as a mercenary and guard, utilizing the skills that the military gave him but no longer wanted.
Although it had been years since that first encounter and never having actually met the man, receiving a letter notifying him of the Professor's death and impending funeral triggered something within him and he felt the call to see this man off to a better place. Having to finish his current job has kept him from arriving in time for the funeral but paying respects to the man is always better late than never at all.

OOC: I don't have a character sheet put together for him yet but the plan is to have Arturin setup as a Bardiche wielding fighter. Gruff with a poor attitude towards those of noble birth in positions of power but a good sense of right and wrong.

I fleshed out Dannie as an Aasimar Paladin. Her sheet and backstory has been linked from here :) If that is too OP, I'm willing to work with the DM to reduce the benefits, or simply change her to a human, or maybe elf.

For over 600 years the Whispering Tyrant ruled the land of Ustalav with an iron fist and the brutal might of the orc hordes of Belkzen. Countless raids on human farms, villages and townships have left a mark on the people, and even a thousand years later alot of humans have a smidgeon of orc blood in their veins, most of them without realising it.
Sometimes, due to unlucky coincidences or maybe divine providence this dark heiritage leads to the birth of a half-orc child to two seemingly normal humans.
Or so the tale goes at least. Many scholars argue that infact a real Orc is responsible for these "mircale half-orc babies", and the women involved keep silent out of shame.

Marok had never learned the truth about his origin, which of those stories was true for him. He only knows what the other monks had told him.
Nearly 19 years ago he was born in a small village in the heart of Ustalav. When his mother saw what had come out of her womb, she was so shocked that she tried to kill him, to drown him in the trough for the animals. Luckily for him, a cleric of Pharasma came by guided by a prophecy. He saved the young childs life in the last moment, saying his time hadn't come yet and then took him with him.
Ustalav might not have any large monestaries, but that doesn't mean there are not centers of worship, that are very similar. The cleric delivered the boy to one of these, dedicated to his goddess, and gave the monks the assignment to raise and educate him, before he left agian. Marok never learned his name, nor did he ever meet him again.

Over the years he has been taught discipline through physical exercise, but also learned about the history of Ustalav and the goddess Pharasma.
Once he came of age, he was sent out into the world, to travel the land and help those in need and spread the word of the Mad Prophet.
His heritage and the hatred the inhabitants of the land still feel for the orcish race does not make this easy, as often he's regarded with hidden or open hostility, but he accepts this as part of his trial.

He stands taller than most humans and seems far stronger as well. The sharp teeth, and the bestial shape of his face are contrasted sharply by his eyes, which seem to radiate a kindness and wisdom rarely seen in his kind. He's dressed in simple robes, wearing only sandals at his feet and a medallion with Pharasma's symbol proudly around his neck.

I've not yet decided if I'll choose an archetype, or if I fight unarmed or with a weapon (thats why I've not given him one yet). I also have no clue yet as to why Marok would be in Ravengro and if or how he knows the Professor. It might simply be that his travels take him there by coincidence, and he gets caught up in the events.

I have linked to the character sheet on profile.

Here is hoping that I am deemed worthy to play with you folks.

This is Amazing Red, BTW.

Barret and the late professor Lorrimar met one fateful day in the land of Numeria. Barret was on patrol with some of his tribe members when they encountered a fiendish unnatural creature.
It was a hideous monstrosity seemingly crafted from body parts. It was an abomination that the barbarians knew had to be put down.
However, it was much more powerful than they anticipated and it managed to knock many of them out with a single blow.
But after what seemed like forever, the remaining Kellid warriors defeated it and cut it to pieces. Unbeknownst to them, a certain professor was traveling by and hid when he saw the creature. He watched the creature's movements with great interest as well as the barbarian's reactions to it. They clearly had no idea what they were facing. So when they finally slew it, he came out of hiding to congratulate them and to introduce himself as well as tend to some of their wounds. He explained that what they faced was a creature known as a Flesh Golem and what little he knew about it. He explained that he was out here because he had heard of the sightings in this region. The leader of the scouting party thanked him for the information in case they encountered and told him that they had to get back to their tribe. However, Barret stayed behind for a few moments as this old man's knowledge intrigued him. He asked him other questions, such as to why a man with his frame would be out in the wilderness alone. Lorrimar explained his profession and his quest for knowledge. "Knowing is half the battle, my young friend." Petros said. With that they parted ways, Barret rejoining his kin while Lorrimar headed back to Ustalov furiously writing in a notebook.

Years later, when the dear professor passed, a messenger thought to be a spy was captured by Barret's tribe. He explained who he was searching for and why. Obviously this perplexed the young Kellid man since they had one meeting. But nevertheless it piqued his curiousity. So he told his tribe that he needed to leave, at the very least to honor the man who's knowledge turned out to save some of the tribe's people. And so now you know the rest of the story.

I plan on taking the natural weapon weapon style so as soon as I hit 2, as his innate curse/gift will manifest. Just click on my profile to see my character sheet.

Hi everyone. I'm out of town until tomorrow with sketchy *dsl yuck!* internet. I am definitely interested as I have been trying to get into a carrion crown game for a while now. I post everyday sometimes multiple times per day. I will have a concept and backstory up tomorrow. Good luck to everyone!

I can't help but notice that there are a lot of fighter types applying. I would love to play the fighter in the party (as I always seem to be playing casters) but if necessary I would be more than willing to go clerical.

I'd like to put forward Merian Benvalla, oracle of battle. (Should be a good fit for both the healer and fighter slots!) Full character sheet is in the profile, and background is reproduced below:

Merian grew up on a farm in the hinterlands of Molthune, the third child in a family of seven siblings. For the first part of her life, she seemed perfectly ordinary, a happy, determined, healthy young woman whose world was larely constrained within the bounds of her small farming community, and she had no reason to wish otherwise. And then, on her 16th birthday, she began to dream, nearly every night, of a sword and shield, and a hole in the world through which fiends poured, and were met by armies in clashes of steel and fire. Though nightmarish, she never awaoke from these dreams scared - instead, they seemed filled with purpose. Purpose for her.

Two months after the dreams began, she told her parents she was leaving their farm. They wept and protested, but she would not be swayed, and at last, they relented. Following her dreams, Merian traveled north, until she eventually found herself on the pilgrim trail toward the Worldwound, and when she heard about the war there, she realized where she was being called to.

She arrived and joined the Shining Crusade. She was one farmgirl out of hundreds, but her zeal was astounding, and her prowess with a sword unprecedented for one with her background. For three years, she served on the front lines of the Crusade, battling horrors from the planes of evil on a daily basis. The words of the angels themselves poured our of her as she fought, and she rejoiced to know her purpose was at last being achieved.

Roughly six months after she joined the Crusade, she met Professor Petros Lorrimer during a rotation back to Lastwall. Her unusual calling and success against the demons had intrigued him, and they struck up first a correspondence and then a friendship, as she kept the inquisitive and good-hearted professor appraised of the state of affairs at the Worldwound. She did what she could to keep the tone light, even as the battles ground on interminably.

She was on a long patrol and amid fierce fighting when the letter arrived at her barracks, and so she did not hear for weeks that the professor had moved on to Pharasma's judgment. When at last she did find out, her conscience tore at her - her purpose was at the Worldwound, but he had asked specifically for her as a pallbearer.... After a long night's internal debate, she made her decision. Requesting her first leave in three years, she made her way to Ravengro, in Ustalav, hoping against hope that she had not already missed the funeral. Even as she went, she felt stirrings of frustration at having her purpose denied her. It has not occured to her that perhaps her divine patrons have chosen a new purpose for her...

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If I may stick my nose in...

Nice backstories from Arturin Vesket, Merian Benvalla, and Barret. If the existing party are OK with them, they're in.

Marok sounds a nice chap, but why is he here? I am prepared to accept that you are just in Ravengro by chance and hook up with the party, but you will have to convince them to take you on.

I'll be able to accommodate at least couple more...

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Woohoo! I'll wait for confirmation from the rest of the party before I post in the OOC thread, but I'm very excited to play!

Looks over Arturin and Barret

Hmm... looks like some of the last minute changes I made to Merian in case she had to go more martial won't be needed. I'll likely tweak them back the way they were before then. (It's all rules-stuff - doesn't really affect her backstory at all.)

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Ok, here is Talarn, Elven Magus (Bladebound)


Talarn grew up on the streets of Caliphas, what his fellow elves would call a Forlorn elf. Although he keenly feels the lack of camaraderie with other elves, this is more than made up for in the wonder of the shorter lived races. Seeing strength and pride in the people of Ustalav, Talarn enjoys life in the city and tries not to think of the life he could have had if his parents had lived. His parents were killed in the Crusades when he was too young to fight, and Talarn was raised by a family friend.

Growing up in Caliphas Talarn had many opportunities for education at the academies of that city, and he has taken to the training to increase his martial and magical might. Quick and intelligent, he excels in both areas and mixes them both in his fighting style. Deciding that the staid life of a city elf was not for him, Talarn took work as a mercenary.

It was in this capacity that he met Professor Lorrimor. While traveling through Caliphas the Professor hired several bodyguards for his latest excursion, and Talarn was one of them. While traveling through the woods, the party was set upon by a group of undead. During the battle Talarn saved the Professor's life, and Lorrimor was exceedingly grateful.

Summoned now by his friend's death, Talarn grieves for his loss but wonders what provision in the will might require him.

As the closest to be a noble in the party, I think. I like the idea of having Arturin Vesket in the party...could be fun...angst between the squishy intelligent magic user and the strong gruff protector...

I also like Merian the battle oracle, like the idea of having her around....

Barret sounds a really interesting character too....

As for Maroc, great background, but I'm not sure what class you will be. Are you the half-orc monk? The heavy accent on the teachings of Pheresma would bring him into direct conflict with Tre' (with his ability to command undead), so if he is a cleric of Pheresma I can see it would make the party very fractious and may not work out too well. I like the idea of the monk though. As for background, you could be traveling through Ravengro and have been accused of the desecration of the statue, as you are a lone outsider. You've heard there are other outsiders staying at Kendra's house and come to ask for help before the townsfolk clap you in irons. Obviously you are innocent, and want us to help you prove it. Then you can stick around as you get more involved with the group...might work.

I guess Merian can provide some healing...but we'll probably have to buy quite a lot more... :)

that's my tuppence worth...

Sweet! Thanks for the acceptance into the party. I will post over in the OOC thread.

I'll give this a go. See what you think:

When Walther Volk was young, he did not have a dark side. He was a dark side. Intelligent, he was always crafting another scheme; extorting other children, robbing shopkeepers, and attempting elaborate cons using other schoolchildren as a combination of accomplices and sacrificial lambs should they get caught. He never felt that his was the path he wanted, but his thoughts seemed to gravitate towards the nefarious. Nastiness came as easily as breathing to him. His parents attempted to stifle these thoughts with the rigors of work and study. He was apprenticed to a local apothecary, but that just led to poisoning, arson, and drug dealing. Concerned about their already damaged reputation, Walther's parents sent him to university in Lepidstadt.

Advanced studies did nothing to stifle him until a chance guest lecture from Professor Lorrimor about the nature of evil within all men. Walther realized he did not have to be a slave to his thinking. Like all things, his mind could be controlled. He threw himself into his studies, learning everything he could about the human body, thought processes, anatomy, and psychology. He turned these subjects inward, seeking to become a paragon of control. By measuring each thought, sculpting every action, he could become the person society wanted him to be, rather than the monster he felt he was.

Petros' death came as a bit of a blow to him, this liberator that freed him from a life he felt shackled to. To visit him at this point seems almost like a foregone conclusion, if nothing else to give final reverence to someone who helped give birth to his current self.

Yes, thank you all for the invite. I will post in the OOC thread as well.

my application.

do you like mad scientists? i was thinking a bit of of Mr Hyde mixed with some Dr. Frankenstein and tacking on a sadistic desire to perform cruel experiments on others for the sheer thrill of torture. he keeps a bunch of imprisoned artificially created planetouched youths in his laboratory.

even after over a decade, he still cannot get over the loss of his academy crush and has tried for a long time attempting to recreate her. only in failure. he has accidentally succeeded at creating immortal artificial planetouched humanoid specimens.

For your consideration.

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Cassandra Blackmoore wrote:
For your consideration.

Reposting over here in case Vanulf's not watching the OOC thread:

Megan Robertson wrote:
Good enough recommendation: Cassandra, you're in.

Cassandra please make your way over to the discussion and game thread as Megan has invited you into the game.


I've never played in a PBP before, so I hope no one minds a lurker in the game thread to see how it's done. How do you roll for actions?

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The forum software includes a dice roller. Check the spoiler beneath the posting window that says "BBCode tags you can use" for the formatting.

Shisumo wrote:
The forum software includes a dice roller. Check the spoiler beneath the posting window that says "BBCode tags you can use" for the formatting.

Ah. Thanks!

Judging from the thread I assume all the openeings have been filled?


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Yes they have.

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