Are slings light, 1 handed, or 2 handed?

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brassbaboon wrote:
Let the exploits begin.

Protip: They don't exist.

Or, if they do, they're not meaningfully more powerful than anything else going on out there. Otherwise, let's see some. I just showed you how one particular claim of cheese was not particularly substantial, so let's address the others that you think are so heinous.

But first - in clear, unambiguous terms, what are they?

I kind of agree with brassbaboon here... I don't believe the discovery was intended for that kind of use.

the fact that they say 'you do not get extra attacks' means pretty much that. If your normally allowed 2 attacks a round, having 3 arms, means you STILL get 2 attacks a round.

It doesn't matter WHICH arm is holding the sword, and which one has the shield or which one is reloading... at the end of the day, it's still 2 attacks a round...

the BONUS to having the extra arm, is quite simply, if your in a grapple or have a sword and shield... or carring a bow... you STILL have an open hand to do other stuff. But not to attack.

The sling, I'd be willing to allow, based on the juggling/reload feats that are designed that way... and as one handed weapons, they should be able to be dual wielded...

Sword/sword/board I would have serious issues with.

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