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I would like to know how long the temp hit point would last in this situation: Flesh Golem with a weakness to fire/benefit of electricity is enchanted or wearing a magical item that deals constant electrical damage.

Now for every 3 points he gains 1 hp. Once at max any hp gained by the electricity become temp hp. I understand if the golem is hit they are taken away, but I have bolded the section below that makes me think the temp hp stays until the golem is hurt and then loses them.

Does that mean that the golem can continue to amass temp hp as long as the constant electricity effect is in place? If the item deals minor damage say 1 damage a round that can add up over the course of a day.

The PRD explains temporary hit points here http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/combat.html#temporary-hit-points] states

For those not wanting the link here is the copy/paste from the PRD:
Temporary Hit Points
Certain effects give a character temporary hit points. These hit points are in addition to the character's current hit point total and any damage taken by the character is subtracted from these hit points first. Any damage in excess of a character's temporary hit points is applied to his current hit points as normal. If the effect that grants the temporary hit points ends or is dispelled, any remaining temporary hit points go away. The damage they sustained is not transferred to the character's current hit points. When temporary hit points are lost, they cannot be restored as real hit points can be, even by magic.

Typically things of this nature don't "stack," meaning if there was a constant source of electrical damage only the largest amount of damage inflicted would stay "active." This is covered in one of the magic sections under the stacking rules, at least off the top of my head that is where I'd start looking (bonuses from the same source). No books to check and give you a page # sorry.

Let's say the damage is 3-12 points a round. The golem would gain anywhere from 1 to 4 points of temp hp every round. The first round it takes 6 hp from electrical damage, so it gains 2 temp hp. Next round it takes 4 damage and would only gain 1 temp hp, but as it already had 2 from last round, it keeps the 2 as it is a bigger bonus (but same source). Next round it takes 12 damage so it gains 4 temp. This time the new temp hp pool is a larger bonus so it overwrites the 2 it had from the first round. It would retain those 4 temp until damaged (and lost them) or until hit with a larger electrical source of damage that overwrites the current temp hp total.

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