Rob Kuntz's City of Brass (mint condition)

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Found this - Maze of Zayene #1-4 for sale at a great price for you collectors out there, in its original shrink wrap to boot.

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For all you collectors of awesomeness we have a great out of print deal from 1987. Maze of Zayene #1-4, Garden of the Plantmaster & City of Brass Promo Flyer (1st Printings). As an little bonus this includes a promotional flyer for the NEVER release “City of Brass” module! Written by Rob Kuntz one of the most memorable writers for TSR.
Full titles included:
Maze of Zayene Part 1 – Prisoners of the Maze
Maze of Zayene Part 2 – Dimensions of Flight
Maze of Zayene Part 3 – Tower Chaos
Maze of Zayene Part 4 – The Eight Kings
Garden of the Plantmaster (stand alone adventure)
All are in near mint to mint condition IN THE ORIGINAL SHRINKWRAP.

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