Is there a good campaign manager software for Pathfinder rules


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I'm starting a new campaign in my own world using the Pathfinder rules and am looking for a good campaign manager to help me keep up with the game between adventures. Somewhere I can write adventure outlines, keep abbreviated character records, and help me design encounters. I don't need anything to use while we are playing, so that is not a consideration.
It would be nice if it had a pathfinder data base but not necessary. Anyway I would appreciate any advice, thank you.

The best one I've ever used is The Keep by NBOS. It's not PF specific, however. Next best was Microsoft OneNote, oddly enough. Definitely not PF specific, that one.

I've tried the Keep (Paizo store), but didn't like the interface, lack of Unicode and other things.

I use at the moment which is OK, though I would prefer if I could share certain elements between campaigns.

I will definitely be using OneNote when I get it in a few days (student discount for pro plus ftw!).

Lone Wolf will be releasing Realm Works at some point, and it looks interesting. Seems like a mix of the Keep with Obsidian Worlds/Epic Words plus more added stuff like stuff a cloud, based on what I read of the description.

I haven't seen the need to have any rules specific content in a campaign manager myself. Especially not with the PRD and d20PFSRD easily accessible.

The absolute best campaign data manager I've ever seen is Corel InfoCentral...but it only works if you have WindowsXP. No one seems to have gotten it to work in Windows7 (and it's been abandoned by Corel).

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I've found a tiddlywiki with the right formatting and extensions works perfectly for both a campaign journal and planner. This fellow has a basic intro to tiddlies.

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Thanks everyone, I'll be checking them out.

Pathfinder—alongside many others—is supported well by Chronica. Consider checking it out!

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