Arcane Bond + Obtain Familiar (Complete Arcane)?

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I don't see anyone in 3.5 rules about limiting a Wizard or a Sorcerer to only one familiar, but what about Pathfinder? My gut says that a Wizard/Arcane bloodline Sorcerer should only be limited to one familiar, but obviously in Pathfinder you can substitute a bonded item for a familiar. So with the Obtain Familiar feat, could you potentially have a familiar and a bonded item--or even two familiars?

Any thoughts (or previously rulings)?

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The question is not applicable since the Obtain Familliar feat is wizards IP, not part of the Pathfinder rules.

Again, while it's similar, Pathfinder is NOT 3.5, nor is it 3.75. It's Pathfinder.

For society play it's a definite no. For home play, it's whatever the GM decides, as usual.

What if you take levels in both Sorcerer and Wizard?
That is a Tattooed Sage Sorcerer & Wizard.

Would that grant 2 arcane bonds or would it just increase the Tattoo Familiar to 2nd lvl?

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In Pathfinder, if you have levels in two or more classes that grant you a familiar, then those levels stack. You do not get an extra familiar.

This goes for animal companions too.

Now, there are certain class archetypes that allow you to have more, but those are exceptions to the rule.

Thanks for the info blackbloodtroll :)

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