WoW Favorites done Pathfinder Style


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Liberty's Edge

This is so awesome. It was fun making the dragonkin.

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A Wild Core Hound Appears!

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Hard to believe it has been 10 years and 10 days since I started this thread.

Is there anyone around who wants to see it keep going? I've been feeling the itch to do a few more conversions.

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i vote for this to keep going! and would love to see new conversions!

So here is the list of things I am currently working on for the WoW Conversion Project:

Tauren - While I am happy with the way the Tauren turned out initially, I am considering reworking them so they can be large creatures

Worgen - Hate how these turned out. I'm going to make Gilnean Human's selectable racial traits, then make the worgen curse a template

The remaining ally races are a work in progress, probably taking the form of racial traits for many existing races. Except the Vulpera


Boralus, Silvermoon, Thunderbluff are the first 3 I want to get done


Sire Denathrius: He's a cool character with some wicked vampire vibes

sounds great cant wait to see it! and cant wait to see what you do with the void and nightborn elves!

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Core hound link was broken, here is the new link

Core Hound

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So browsing through the old 3.5 warcraft rulebook, it got me thinking on some of the things the designers did. They would completely replace skills, spells & feats to better fit the world in which they were building. (back when the world was young) So it got me to thinking, why not do the same? So I think it is time we added a feat section to the Warcraft Conversion Guide, and I'll get the ball rolling. Here is the Vital Strike replacement chain, now called Mortal Stirke. I found some clever redesigns on the homebrew forums from User: "Darksol the Painbringer" from 2013 that I think are excellent. Though I did redo Greater Mortal Strike to keep with the games ability. Thoughts? Suggestions? Feedback is always welcome

Mortal Strike (Combat)
A vicious strike that deals significantly more damage than normal.
Prerequisites: Base Attack Bonus +6
Benefit: You can make one attack at your highest base attack bonus that deals additional damage., you may multiply your weapon damage dice by 2. When the character reaches BAB+11 they can multiply the weapon damage dice by 3. When the character reaches BAB +16, they can multiply the weapon damage by 4.
Replaces: Vital Strike, Improved Vital Strike & Greater Vital Strike. Mortal Strike also counts as Vital Strike for any feats that require the Vital Strike Chain.

Improved Mortal Strike (Combat)
Your Mortal Strike does even more damage
Prerequisites: Mortal Strike, BAB+11
Benefit: The character may now multiply their strength bonus to damage equal to the damage dice multiple when using Mortal Strike. (x2,x3,x4)

Greater Mortal Strike (Combat)
Your Mortal Strike even prevents the effectiveness of healing
Prerequisites: Mortal Strike, Improved mortal Strike, BAB+16
Benefit: Those struck by your Greater Mortal Strike can now only be healed by all forms of healing by 50% (rounded down) for 4 rounds. Fortitude Save DC (15+damage from your weapon dice) negates.

Liberty's Edge

I need to check in here more often. I agree about Denathrius. He would make a good villain for a game.

The current world I run my game is Azeroth (quick access maps) but not running a wow game. Some of these conversations are awesome though.

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Hey All, long time no see. Hard to believe its been 14 months since my last post in this thread.

Well for a quick update; the project is currently being resurrected. We will be starting with updating some races to fit better; especially the ones we were unhappy with along with adding in some of the 'allied' races such Highmountain Tauren or Kul'Tiran Humans as more Alternate Racial traits then straight up new races of their own.

But don't fret; we will be still building and converting characters/monsters/cities/and dungeons in the months to come.

Post below what you would like to see (hopefully something reasonable like a furlbog and not the Jailer lol)

But to get everyone interested; here are the Updated Tauren. Now a Large creature along with some of its racial variants.

Updated Tauren

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the tauren looks great! cant wait to see what you do with the furbolg and wondering if youll be doing the void elves and dracthyr?

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ronald paris wrote:
the tauren looks great! cant wait to see what you do with the furbolg and wondering if youll be doing the void elves and dracthyr?

Hey Ronald, the void elves will be alternate racial traits to the blood elf, but yes the plan is to do the dracthyr eventually. Just need to get a handle on how in order not to make them a broken race lol

Good to have some free updated PF1e WoW Taurens out there, Maverick898. ;)

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Thanks Here4daFreeSwag,

But here is the next update to our our Warcraft Races.


Humans come in all shapes and sizes and are some of the most versatile races on all of Azeroth. We've even included Alternate racial traits to play as Gilnean's (Without the worgen curse) and the sea loving Kul Tirans!

What races would you all like to see updated next?

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excellent work! and great to have an updated warcraft human and alternate traits
for races maybe blood elves and high elves ironforge dwarves then draenei?

Ditto on the Humans stuff, Maverick898 and Ronald Paris.

As for the races, I'm just about fine with what gets posted. :)

I'm guessing that some factors that play into this would include ease of adaptation and stuff. ;)

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Hello again,

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday and are having a blast playing World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. I certainly am.

Posted below is the updated Link to the Warcraft Pathfinder Conversion folder that we've created. I guess when google did there security update; it invalidated all the links.

Warcraft Pathfinder Converison!

Hopefully that helps everyone see all the work we've done. I admit we haven't worked on it much in the past year. I still want to; I just find it difficult to get started. There are so many things to convert; and it takes alot of time and effort that I just haven't been able to give.

I have a bunch of half made documents and when I come back to them wonder WTH was I thinking with this? lol

But regardless; we plug away and hope to hear from people soon!

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Warcraft... that's the one where you click on some orcs, tell them to do a job and when the unit finishes they say "work complete" right?

Good to has the Warcraft Pathfinder Conversion folders for PF1e back available again, Maverick898. ;)

Liberty's Edge

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I didn't realize that all the links had gone belly up or I would've done something about them. Thanks for fixing it, Maverick898!

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