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Hi all,

How do you go about generating a character with point buy when they only have five ability scores.

A player is interested in the a Clockwork character as per Kobold Quarterly #16, but they have no constitution score. Is it a case of having more points available for their other scores as a benefit to that particular race, or do you use a reduced point buy value?


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How would a Clockwork PC's hitpoints and fort-save be calculated?

(With that knowledge, it should be easy to arrive at a proper reduction in the the amount of points the character has to build with relative to his six-stat compadres.)

Does this mean they are immune to abilities that cause fort saves, because that would be huge...I think to balance this we need to really know what the abilities of the race are.

In star Wars Saga Edition if you play a Droid You start with 21 or 22 point Build instead of 25.

Since 25 pts in that system is the equivalent to PF's 15? i would say maybe give them 13 points.

or 17 for 20 point buy if you want to do this.

I would probably say to keep it "at normal" but mandate that their con is treated as a 10 or whatnot that they can't lower or raise.

True, they may end up with slightly higher scores in other things but given that they can't likely be raised/res'd very easily or have many HP (due to low con) that'll prolly even out.

Assuming of course that race doesn't get some other stat as bonus to HP or whatnot.


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