Initiative Cards: Monster Set 2 (OGL) PDF

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d20 System Initiative Cards are at last available in the Paizo store!

Each of the Monster Sets has about half of the monsters from the fantasy System Reference Document (SRD).

In addition to monsters actually found in the SRD, each set includes a selection of aged dragons. The Game Mechanics have created one of each true dragon and aged it through all twelve age categories. Monster Set 2 includes many of the celestial and infernal creatures from the summoning tables in the PHB.

Initiative Cards: Monster Set 2 is a PDF for GMs containing pre-filled Initiative Cards for 328 monsters, as well as instructions for use and blank cards for characters and monsters. See a complete list of monsters in this set before you buy, at

More products from The Game Mechanics are on their way to the Paizo store right now!

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