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In our 4th preview for the Wealdland Gazetteer we take a glimpse at Aerendal, City of the Viridian Prince, and the various wards that make up this legendary city.

Aerendal spreads across six rocky isles on the northern coast of Lake Morlyn. These islands rise out of the water as flat plateaus of stone, leaving sheer cliffs between the docks at lake level and the city 80 feet above. A thin causeway and a steep ramp unite the metropolis with the mainland while a series of bridges connect the islands to each other. Only three of the islands that support the city are natural. The other three were summoned from the depths of Lake Morlyn by the Archmage Keledon shortly after a vision of the future revealed the splendor his legacy would leave behind. However, recent population growth has far outpaced those ancient preparations and city leaders are considering the creation of a new island to help alleviate rampant overcrowding.

As the central location in the Wealdlands, many adventuring epics have their origins in the City of the Viridian Prince. This storied metropolis is but one part in the larger tapestry that comprises the Sagas of the Wealdland, though it is a place few adventurers will ever forget.

Wealdland Gazetteer Preview #4: Aerendal, City of the Viridian Prince

Designed as an introduction for players and GMs alike, the Wealdland Gazetteer includes:

  • An overview of the cultures that call the Wealdland home, including the various human ethnicities of the region.
  • A concise examination of major geographical features and locations of interest.
  • Details on the famed metropolis of Aerendal, City of the Viridian Prince.
  • Information on some of the communities in the area, including those governed by the elves, gnomes, halflings, and dwarves.
  • New traits that help ground characters in the Wealdland setting.

Produced by Clockwork Gnome Publishing, the Wealdland Gazetteer is a free product download set for release in April. This 30-page book provides a suitable foundation for the entire Sagas of the Wealdland Sandbox Campaign line but is flexible enough to provide useful tools for any fantasy campaign setting.

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Clockwork Gnome Publishing

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Can't wait!

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