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Well we had ourselves a nice water adventure that didn't go so good for the PC's. They were not at all happy about the drowning rules and how once you hit 0 hp the next round you are essentially dead.

So I proposed the following change.

You get your Con divided by 4 extra rounds before you are truly drowned. For example a person with a Con of 18 is knocked out under water, he has 4 more rounds before death. While an 8 Con would get two more rounds.

Too little? Too much? Anyone else have any alternate rules they have used?

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Were they in the water for more rounds than their Con score? I seem to recall characters being able to hold their breath for a number of rounds equal to their Con score.

Edit: Twice their Con score in rounds, I was wrong. And then they have to make Fort saves. They must have been really bad off.

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