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Are there any good web comics out there that can tickle my fancy. I looking for just about anything, Pathfinder, D&D, general audience, mature content, etc. Anything with a link or two.

Shadow Lodge

Heya Blue! How's it been?

Anti-Hero for Hire(still going)


Freak Angels(still going)

Goblins, Life Through Their Eyes(Still going)

Looking for Group(still going)

Underling(still going) <- have to type in comic after Underling or you might not get it.

I'll chime in with recommendation for Goblins above (and Freak Angels, though that isn't really gaming-centric.)

Other good ones include Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic (occasionally NSFWish), Erfworld, and Darken (which is nearing completion).

I had also been enjoying Guilded Age quite a bit, but it recently got weird, so proceed with caution.

Sovereign Court

Hey there ho there.

Some of the ones I read that are kind of fun:

Slightly Damned is pretty good, and I kind of want a campaign setting from it honestly. The world isn't completely fleshed out but it seems like it'd be neat to have.

Nodwick.com really can't be more about gaming then it already is. Nifty blog posts, regular updates and 3 great comics to read during the week.

Girl Genius Online is something that you should absolutely check out. It's got a looooot of back issues to look through and is insanely well made. Probably my favorite comic ever.

oglaf.com though it is definitly nsfw.

Dark Archive


Really? No one said Order of the Stick yet?

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i just discovered "a modest destiny."

There isn't a problem alive that can't be solved by throwing lots of ninjas at it.

part 1 is very good, parts 2-4, not so much.

Schlock Mercenary.

Link is to the very first one from way back in 2000. The artwork at the beginning is rudimentary at best, but watching the artist's skill improve (the storytelling is always good) is a lot of fun. One of the best webcomics, IMHO.

Also, Sluggy Freelance.

Again, link is to first strip. Another great webcomic, with years of archives to enjoy.

Shadow Lodge

Can't beleive I forgot about the webcomic, Questionable Content. Caution: Mildly NSFW.

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While we're discussing NSFW, Menage a 3 is another of those. Seriously NSFW.

Red String is work-safe.

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki is a bit NSFW.

That'll do for now.

The Exchange

Mac Boyce wrote:
Really? No one said Order of the Stick yet?

considering there's a separate thread devoted to it... yeah, I can see it not being mentioned immediately. ;-)

@matthew: Darken is nearing completion? cool. I've been following it for awhile and really enjoying it, just surprised it's coming to completion though I can see it since they're going up against *insert spoiler*. glad to see someone else who reads it.

Here's what I'm reading:

The Dreamland Chronicles This is a great story done in 3D rendering. It follows two college-age brothers, one of which can enter Dreamland, a place normally only children can go when asleep. Very Arthurian, with elves, dwarves and rock giants. My must read. Updates Mon-Fri (usually).

Wayward Sons This one is newer, a sci-fi take on the Egyptian and Greek gods and goddesses. I like this one, too. Updates Mon-Friday with bonus matierials on the weekends.

This is about a dinosaur that is a ninja (and not the other way around). I met the author/artist at the Baltimore Comic Con each of the past 2 years, and have kept up with his comic. It updates one a week.

BluePigeon wrote:
Are there any good web comics out there that can tickle my fancy. I looking for just about anything, Pathfinder, D&D, general audience, mature content, etc. Anything with a link or two.

Another Gaming Comic is perhaps the best comic I've seen when it comes to covering DnD gamers. Horrible artwork but great stuff inside.

FunnyMan21 wrote:
Another Gaming Comic is perhaps the best comic I've seen when it comes to covering DnD gamers. Horrible artwork but great stuff inside.

I can't unlearn what I've learned from that comic. Can't go back to 3.5 without becoming an OP-monster to the rest of the party lol

Xane Comics. www.xanecomic.com self-serving plug :)

Sissyl wrote:

While we're discussing NSFW, Menage a 3 is another of those. Seriously NSFW.

Red String is work-safe.

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki is a bit NSFW.

That'll do for now.

Big fan of Menage a 3 (which is very NSFW), been reading it for several years, and also purchased all three print collections.

I also like Eerie Cuties and Magick Chicks, both of which are more PG-13ish but also by the same people responsible for MA3. (Magick Chicks has changed artists, but the original artist still co-writes.)

Eerie Cuties began as a multi-panel color comic but went to black and white comic page layout. Magick Chicks also uses the black and white comic page layout.

MA3 is a B&W 4-panel comic.

Liberty's Edge

Ryan North runs a daily comic as inventive as Calvin and Hobbes. It's a very laborious archive slog, and if you're looking for something with a sprawling plot and round characters then you can do no better than MSPA.

If you prefer more artsy fare, Dresden Codak is a short string of essays on philosophy and cultural archetypes.

Finally, the quintessential roommates comic.

e: I suppose I should note that of the comics listed above, I only regularly read MSPA.

The Exchange

Darths and Droids
Guilded Age

The Exchange

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
Xane Comic, as preveiously mentioned
Comic RantZ

I think thats it...

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Gunnerkrigg Court needs mentioning.

+1 Girl Genius
+1 Gunnerkrigg Court

Check out Something Positive. It's on occasion NSFW, but he does dnd stories from time to time, and it's a good read overall.

Scandinavia and the World

Since Oglaf has been knocked out already, I'll have to go with two other options that don't seem to be uber popular.

House of Orr is about a guild of adventurers that all have Orr in their name, and they are trying to changing the status quo through peaceful methods.

Elf is about an Elf, a wombat, and a salesman that...do stuff. It's a lot of gag comics at first but it starts to fall into a more cohesive narrative as it goes on. Pretty NSFW.


Try Least I Could Do. NSFW in places... but tacky, geeky fun. I should say that the D&Dishness is limited to a few places, but there are Transformers, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and other references... so all in all worth it (to me).

Dark Archive

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Homestuck's my favorite, though it could take a while to catch up. If the whole thing was in print, just words, it'd be the longest book ever written. In addition, it's rather complex and hard to understand for even those of us who're caught up and have re-read a couple times. It's still one of the best webcomics around.

On a side note, Paradox Space is a series of comics based off of Homestuck. Be warned, big plot spoilers abound.

Prequel is, quite literally, a prequel to The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. It follows Katia Mannigan, a Khajiit down on her luck and looking for a new start. Things go wrong. A lot. NSFW-ish at times, though nudity is blurred out.

As mentioned in posts above, Order of the Stick is really good.

Murphey's Law is a webcomic done in the style of OotS (and on their forums, no less) that has a darker tone and focuses more on religion and racial discrimination. It's really good, though it doesn't update frequently.

I thought I would mention ELF by Songgu Kwon

its stories are kinda weird but the art is great and it can be incredibly funny.

Oh, yeah and he is having a kickstarter if anybody interested.

I don't seem to have mentioned Digger last time this thread was active.

It's about a wombat. And a dead god. And a nameless hyena. And a baby shadow demon.
Read it.

It's over now, but that just means you get to read it all at once.

'Demon' is a very strange horror webcomic. I went through and found parts good but..

The MC has a case of Gary Stu and McGuyvering. A math whiz and photographic memory is useful but escaping from prison with just a slip of tissue paper was way too much. The OSS also had the idiot ball in their grasp by trying to 'hire' the MC. After all that happened, putting the MC and his daughter in a box at the bottom of the ocean or in the desert and exploding it was really the thing that should have been done.

Y'know, I've kinda soured on Goblins of late, but it does have its moments.

Digger is a very good, well-paced comic.

Gunnerkrigg Court is one of the most hilarious, adorable, terrifying, heartbreaking, and all-around creatively crafted webcomics out there. It really is one of my very favorites. The story of two girls at a strange school dealing with everything from ghosts to demons to robots to gods to growing up. It's great.

Hark! A Vagrant ain't D&D, but it is a lot of fun, and it actually makes you want to learn about historical figures. Which is funny, since the comic's style of humor is charmingly childish.

Homestuck is pretty great, though it's an acquired taste.

Girl Genius is always fun. I'll second that recommendation as well.

Blindsprings is a great, fairly young comic about magic, cultural assimilation, and spooky spirits. I'm really liking it so far.

Paranatural is a stupendous comic about teens fighting spirits and stuff. It's absolutely hilarious, but every now and then just turns around and breaks your heart with some unexpectedly tragic twist. Seriously. It gets me right here in my kobold heart cavity.

Hero Oh Hero is a deceptively fun and clever comic. It's pixelart, which may not be your thing, but you've got some interesting characters, a cute art style, and a pretty neat setting. Plus, it's often very funny.

Rusty and Co. Now, I was not excited about this comic at first. It's about a rust monster, a mimic and a gelatinous cube teaming up to become adventurers, and it starts out kinda lame. Derivative of other "self-aware" comics, I'd say. But then it started introducing more characters—from Grinner the dangerously canny gnoll to Maddie the dim-witted but unstoppable paladin. You start to actually care what happens to some of them. They're all a ton of fun and I highly recommend this comic.

Necropolis just started up. The art is beautiful.

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