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...Well, technically only one goblin.

I was bored a while ago and decided that I should use some of my theatre skills to make my gaming group a little mascot... a life sized goblin!

And now I feel like sharing some of our groups joy with the rest of you. Below are a few pictures of the guy. He's more of the dexterous rogue goblin, slightly smaller and leaner than his warrior brethren. He sports two daggers, some bronze earrings, the skull of some tiny humanoid (most likely a Grig or a baby Korred), and a bone-splinter necklace. His eyes are white right now, but in a few months they will become semi-translucent, revealing the red underneath. He stands at about two and a half feet, though in his current posture he measures in at 2' 4".

He's also so happy to be alive that he can't help but laugh.

Holding his favorite picture book. (all the words have been scratched out)

FACE! I'm on camera!





Goblin-eye view

Closer to ground level

Right side view

Left side view


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Good work!

Scarab Sages

i want. how much? seriously that is just awesome sir. i love it

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Nilbog! It's Goblin spelled backwards!

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