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The Huntsman weapon property (on page 288) does not say how much of an enhancement bonus it gives to survival checks.

[url=http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/advanced/magicItems/weapons.html#huntsman wrote:
Huntsman[/url]]A Huntsman weapon helps it wielder locate and capture quarry. When the weapon is held in hand, the wielder gains an enhancement bonus on Survival checks made to track any creature the weapon has damaged in the past day. It deals +1d6 damage to creatures the wielder has tracked with Survival in the past day.

How much of an enhancement bonus does it grant to Survival checks?

The three most likely candidates, in my opinion, are:

--it being equal to the enhancement bonus of the weapon

--it's a flat bonus (+4 for example, like the Dueling property)

--it's equal to the damage inflicted by the weapon to that creature prior to the survival check (very unlikely, but a possible interpretation, as there are abilities that follow this mechanic: the Enforcer feat, for example)

I've checked first printing, second printing, all the FAQs, all the errata’s, and searched the forums, and found no answer.


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