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Grouchy, befuddled old man stands alone as I have taken his win.

Yes, but the living are no match for the undead. I win. *looks around nervously for the clerics and paladins...*

Looking around you meet the eyeball of doom! I win, not you.

Doomy eyeballs are no worry for monkey kings. We eat them for second breakfast.

Having feasted upon far too many bananas, Monkey King, you have no appetite for wins. I'll take that victory, thank you very much...

Ah, but you're too old for winning...

Older, but WISER, my dear! I'll take back that victory, thank you very much!

Then you are wise enough to know that nothing, including your win, can last forever.

Right you are Gran, OOOOHHH how I hated saying that!

I got DJ-Bogie to admit I am right. That means I win, yes?

Oh you rascally rabbit!

Duck season.

Not for you Elmer.


You either.


Off to work!

Just got home from work.

Winning yet again.

...albeit, a short-lived victory, Madclaw, old bean.

Victory is mine!

Scarab Sages

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I win.

Denied! Blocked! Game over!

ELEVENZIES! Winning once more!

Tacos for dinner and the win.

chilled monkey brains. Shortround win!

Sorry, my brains are definitely not chilled.

sorry couldn't see you as I took the lead...

Be careful with that lead. Don't use it to make paint.

You painted yourself into a corner and can't get out.

Quick post from work for the win.

Some of us don't have to work. We're called winners.

What makes you so sure about that?

Because I'm winning.

In your dreams, maybe.

or nightmares.

My dreams (and nightmares) are generally much more interesting than winning a forum game. Reality, however, is significantly more mundane.

Plus, morning nachos for the win.

Charlie Sheen has a new TV show.

Filed that under "who cares"

I care.....about WINNING!

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Except that you no longer are winning ... I am

I M Winning!

Hey Pauly Shore; U R Not! Hoover sucks up the win...


Hacksaw Jim Duggan wrote:

...VERRRRRRRRRRRR! (winning)


Stick to the road...beware the moon...AWOOO! Werewoof of




*tappy tappy tap*

Who has more aliases, you or Slaad?

Don't matter, you are both losing.

YAAR, methinks the slaad be havin' more aliai than I.

Not so sure about that.

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