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New page.

Sovereign Court

No kidding!

Is that a message for GoatToucher?

*I light the GoatToucher signal in the sky, which is too profane for description.*

Why did you attach a silhouette of Jar Jar Binks' head to a spotlight, Molten Dragon?

Only smurfs are allowed to have names like jokey...

It's cool! I talked to this wizard and his cat, and they were fine with it!

Jokey the Unfunny Comedian wrote:
Why did you attach a silhouette of Jar Jar Binks' head to a spotlight, Molten Dragon?

The alternative was much, much worse...

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:arrives on rooftop, wearing gold lame' cape, cowl, and undersized speedo:

I'm the hero this forum deserves!

Because you are just awful awful people.

Well, if you are going to be mean about it.

Arrives in high tech body armor, complete with full neck mobility.

I am the hero this forum needs!

I am the dorkiness.
I am the vegi-fence.

Throws some totally non-lethal razor sharp 'rangs about, and then runs off to wrestle a shark for his leg.

Anonymous Warrior wrote:


Any relation to That Girl?

No. He's That Guy.

Sovereign Court

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Listen, you NEVER want to be THAT guy! Because if you are THAT guy, then you can say bye, bye to being invited to all of the hottest parties and all the must see events. Why? Because everyone hates THAT guy!

Related question: is it better to be The Man, or The Man?

I am the hero this hair deserves!

I'm just doing that thing.

I'm doing the other thing

I'm doing another thing.

I am doing things... and stuff...

Meanwhile, I am doing stings and tough.

By which I mean breeding mutant killer bees.

I'm doing Sting, on turf.

By which I mean I

get yer lutes out for the lads:
[censored] in the fields of barley


As I [censored] in the fields of corn

That's a good song.

Song Shmong.

Song Shmong Song Shmong
Ha ha ha ha
Thats funny
Song Shmong Song Shmong Song Shmong

Schism has lost it. Get the butterfly nets.

One of these kids is doing his own thing one of these kids is not the same...

GT's favorite song about goats..

I'd have thought Slip Kid would be.

Probably not....whatever is his favorite song, must be very disturbing to the public.

Get out of my mind!
My love for you is way out of line.
Better run, GOAT!
You're much to young GOOOOOAT!

Sovereign Court

Goats schmoats! Give me a little girl in a red door any day!

Sovereign Court

I apologise for my new character, he's quite the wild one and he meant hood not door.

Furries to the left of me

Furries to the right

Here I am, stuck in the middle with dandruff.

I feel your pain.

Not yet you don't......

(Taps fingertips together with a malicious smile)

*Sharpens baseball bat*

Your agreed payment will be ready when you are done with him, Sinister Stan.

*fluffs pillow, boils noodles*

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*Sigh...* It's gonna be one of those days, then?

Yup. All baseball bats and squeaking.

If you hit the rats in the right order, you can get them to squeak a tune.

Like this?

Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

I prefer the Muppetphone myself.


Sovereign Court

You should go while you still can, little one, you have more than just cats to worry about.

*Picks up a scent and starts snarling.*

It would appear that someone or something powerful is arriving.

*Leaps up onto a large hill and gives a warning howl.*


It is kinda hard not to smell Message board troll.

Amen to that.

Incidentally, we all know what Bravestarr did when he wanted to hear, see, run really fast, etc., but what happened when he wanted a Superhuman sense of smell?

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