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I told you, this thread froths with insanity. Now for my frothy mocha with cinnamon sprinkles....

Scarab Sages

*magically animates Molten Dragon's mocha, turning it into Frothy the Foaman*

Happy birthday!

*blushes* how did you know.....

Shall we top it off with this unicorn's horn wand of fireball?

*Aims and discharges a fireball*

Would'nt a wand of fireball made from a unicorn's horn only work on virgins?

Sovereign Court

Well, given how I have plenty of experience working with the... intimately challenged... I can honestly say that a wand of fireball made of unicorn horn works on everyone EXCEPT those sort of people.

Ooh, fireworks!



:rubs oil on bare chest:


Not just NO, but H E double toothpicks NO!

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I agree.

* drinks magical elixer, causing me and my equipment to titanic size, assumes a golf stance, and swings Banhammer, Jr., slamming GoatToucher like a golf ball and sending him flying into a black hole *

Hole in one. Now to deal with a certain troll of the message boards.

* strides over to MBT, assumes the same stance and swings Banhmmer, Jr., sending MBT flying toward the same black hole - unfortunately, the shot hooks to the right and MBT flies into the sun *

Ooh, hooked that shot.

Sovereign Court

Not bad, UT, glory to the Grizzlepaw Clan and glory to the Horde!

Horde smord. The win can only go to one, and I am going to win it.



Scarab Sages

Hey, great to have you back! *blasts Message board troll with microwave radiation*

With what, the Microwave Gun from Fallout 3?

Scarab Sages

Why would I need one of those?

That pops to mind, what else conveniently is held in one hand and does that?

Btw, forget the microwave radiation, an Armageddon spell does the trick too, and it's flashier. Just be sure to cast mass fire immunity on grandmaster level before you do.

Sovereign Court

I thought you liked to feel the heat, TFF! ;-)

No my fellow colleague in evil, i turn up the heat underneath random mortals for my entertainment.

Appliances for turning up the heat for mortals can be the following:

Firebolts to the face.
Paths made of hot coals.
Pitch or tar followed by a torch or random fire spell.
Mass destruction: Grandmaster Armageddon, great to clean the field and deforestation.

Man, those 3DO classics were fun.
IHIYC, you ever replayed those old titles from time to time?

Scarab Sages

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3DO makes Judas Iscariot look like Sir Galahad - no, I have not and will not give up on New World Computing. I am currently deep into a game both of Isles of Terra and The Mandate of Heaven.

*stares at IHIYC*

You're so ugly you look like Carl Glittergold's wife when she's put on make-up!

You lose and I win !

Scarab Sages

I'm sorry, was I doing my "mirror for a face" trick again?

IHIYC wrote:
I am currently deep into a game both of Isles of Terra and The Mandate of Heaven.

Bravo man, bravo.

Also, check this.
There's also a 2 & 3.

Sovereign Court

Anybody seen the BoneChewer Clan? Last time I checked, they said something about claiming land for the Horde whilst out on a dining extravaganza.

I ate most of them, but a few of the smaller ones escaped my notice.

Squeak! *brings everyone flowers*

I'm allergic to flowers.

*throws an alchemist's acid bomb at the impersonator*

*watches EPSI running screaming with his head on fire. Smiles contentedly*

"I win. You burn !"

Why would an acid bomb set one's head on fire?

It don't, he hallucinating.

Coating head in oil followed by torch, DOES!

*Proceeds doing that with Quiche Lisp & Eggpie SpeechImpediment*


Disco Inferno

Sovereign Court

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

The Trammps. The extra M is for Quality!

Random Drive-by Photobomb for the win.
I'm back!

And now I'm gone again, taking the win with me, Bye Y'all!

Scarab Sages

Hiya, pal! *gives DJ-Bogie a welcome-back 3 Stooges poke*

Sovereign Court

There are two things in this world that I just don't trust: big giant eyes and closet hiding clowns that are friends with big giant eyes.

Looks to me that IHIYC and DJ-Bogie are trying to revive The Three Stooges. Perhaps I can assist.

* summons a table full of banana cream pies, picks up two of them and throws them at IHIYC and DJ-Bogie, hitting both of them *

:walks in, nude, and begins rubbing pies on himself:

MMMmmm... That's the ticket!

:middle aged high-society lady faints:

Well, the fainting part is correct. The method resulting in it is not. And how did you escape from the black hole? Wait, never mind. I suspect the black hole was probably so disgusted by you it actually spit you out.

Eye-Bleach. Need Now!

*Hands Schizzm eye-bleach*

*Hands out eye-bleach to everyone*

It looks like poor Schism has already tried the eye-bleach. It think this calls for something far more powerful.

* waves cane and casts Mythic Godly-Enhanced Memory Modification, erasing GoatToucher from everyone's memories and replacing it with memories of my baked goods *

For some reason I was very disgusted about something, but now all I can think about are chocolate chip cookies.

Sovereign Court

Me too! Also, I've had to bolster the numbers for the BoneChewer Clan (due to the fact that they were the eaten, not the eating). Fortunately, Tagar Spinebreaker (not to be confused with Zagar Windbreaker, of the VileStench Clan) had survived and now serves as the clan's new chieftain



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* pulls out fire extinguisher and douses Fire's Poof Jony with it *

You were saying?

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