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Wouldn't be the first time, won't be the last. You'll find, however, that my body cavities can be most... resilient.

*starts backing away slowly from this thread*

Troll-man want bodyguard? Poog have experience shanking GoatGroper.

Sovereign Court

Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha haha-CHOKES!

*Starts coughing until able to get breath back*

Oh, mercy! This thread is getting FAR too funny!

When the evil god of pain starts laughing, it is no laughing matter.

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At tonights function we holding a recruiting drive. Everyone is expected to bring a "friend". Also refreshments will be privided. There will also be a drawing for door prizes. In the main hall GT will be giving one of his demonstrations. Leather, spandex, and furries are all welcome.

Sovereign Court

Since when did GT receive permission to come back to the faith? He abused the teachings and he bad mouthed ME! Therefore, JC, it will be YOU or Private Tiny who will be giving the demonstration in the main hall. Beyond that, yes that is tonight's function. So come one and all, have some fun and if we're the faith for you, then we look forward to seeing you again at our sermons.

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Tiny will be busy handling the shocker lizards outback. I guess that leaves me for the demonstration. Now I need to get my spiked thong ready. And some black pudding.

Neat! I'll bring the punch bowel full of Molten lava... I mean punch, yes that's it...punch.

I like it when everyone is distracted....dwarf wins again


Sovereign Court

Poog, will you be coming to the recruitment drive?

Yes take all the goblins and grey dwarves, trolls, and giants you can find.....flay them til they see the light or ye pass out with exhaustion.

As long as dwarves win.

Poog and birdcrunchers good in giving pain 'without' weird spikehead-man. You be careful ok?

Scarab Sages

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When no one was looking, I stole forty cakes (that's as many as four tens!).

The cake is a lie. We covered this in the why we can't have nice things thread.

Scarab Sages

That's because I left cardboard cutouts of the cakes I stole so no one would notice their absence.


These (cardboard) cakes taste delicious. As does this win. (It's a metaphor. I'm not actually eating the win. I know where it's been.)

Actually, handling it with long tongs.

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I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
When no one was looking, I stole forty cakes (that's as many as four tens!).

That's terrible!

Silver Crusade

So is not winning.

I was destined to win, my build is perfection.

Hey beat it, you're extinct!

Sovereign Court

Why do you think I'm being THINGS guy right now?

Sovereign Court


(Stupid device)

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Because you watched hellraiser when you were 6 and have mental scars?


Not as chewy as your flesh when I eat it after winning.

You not get do that, Poog win war vs troll-man and gorillas, you not worthy killing troll-man.

*Shanks Lilith knight*

Impales the stinky goblin on my urgosh thus winning

Sovereign Court

Impaling him on your weapon? Nice!

Now, I claim the victory! And only one person can stop me: Dou-Bral. And, of course, that is impossible for I AM Dou-Bral!

Hahaha hahaha haha-CHOKE!

*Starts coughing a lot, but then is able to breathe again.*

Shadow Lodge

That's it cough it up old chum.

Hey! It's me, Dou-Ble. [Gives 'ol Zony's avatar a hefty back slap with a mailed fist.] "There, there. Take a breather."

*goes to give Dou-brawl the Heimlich, gets impaled, dies*

Shadow Lodge

*steps over dead troll to retrieve the win*

*pushed dead on the raven queen and retrieve the win from her cold dead hands"

I'll just take that.

No you won't.

Just did.

*Snatches it from behind.* "Y'all need to learn about windy escape."

I think you might be delighted by the various... fluids... to be found on the Win.

*Takes soap and scrubbrush to the win. Makes it nice and shiny.*

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Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

Thanks for cleaning that up for me Schism tell your boss Charles I have it will yeah?

Sovereign Court

Why would you want Charles to know that?

Irrelevant, this devil wins again.

Dark Archive

Who is Charles?

Sovereign Court

But you are NOT Asmodeus, you're just his lookalike.


Scarab Sages

But that's where the devil is, isn't it?

Scarab Sages

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Zelda Marie Lupescu wrote:
Who is Charles?

I am He.

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