Last one to post wins

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Luckily i am not of the yOu species. *whips again*


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GrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KEEL YOU EVIL SPAMMER!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and uh... Win :)

V for victory.

And $24.99 each additional minute.

nitey nite!

Sleep tight.

Quite awake again, time for said


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sorry for interrupting your program but I need to give you an important news update: I win. Thank you for your time.

*Swats the bug. Takes the win.*


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*Fire storms the Kat. Takes the win.*

stupid cricket.


dumb chicken!

Silly peddler.

are your from Popeyes?

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win again


My WIN! :)

*perches on Kat's Eye*

My win now.

takes win from inferior bird

*predicts the future*


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Gah! evil spammer! kill it! kill it!


I sequel and prequel cricket's opinion.


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I am the ruler and overlord of all creation and oblivion


Evil Bug. Kill it.

After you

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Ah excellent, a new specimen to get a probin with

You like probing so much, lay down on my table and we will get started.


*Soars above the jellyfish, dives, grabs the win and flies away*

*Tackles the Chocobo from above as it flies out of the flumph's window. Takes the win.*

Crushes the Kat's hollow skull and takes the win


You have something attached to you. Let me remove it for you.


You are all too silly to win. So I'll take it from here.

No you won't, inferiority never wins


not for long

As long as I want.

Not with me around

*firebolt to the bird*


Thanks, that was getting annoying.

It sure was.

*Firebolts the chicken and grips the KFC bucket foe the win*

I have immunity to fire. It's a class feature.

You have immunity to...


You're off the island. The tribe has spoken.

OK, but I'm taking the win with me.

Nope, the win stays here.

Yes, with me.
Shoo little bird, shoo...

*keeps bawling and hugging his lazer pistol*

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