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Call the police!

You rang?

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*Assassinates Captain Spalding from behind*


In memory of captain Spalding.......*fireball to Zelda Marie's face.*


I saved Captain Spalding's life. In payment, I will take the win.

Dr House, no godmoding allowed. So, your win is negated.

That means the win is still mine. Thank you.




*tosses the fiend a pick and a lantern* Have at it.

A bird isn't strong enough to toss me those.....unless you're a girl, you're supposedly from bristol, you get it.


You made absolutely no sense.

Come on... british slang for girl/ from bristol or not? :P

Pah, fiendishly confusing am i? A mere chicken hasn't got the arms or strenght to toss us anything. Girls of any sentient biped species do.

Better luck next time little bristolian...i win


*takes win and hides it*

*Finds it and takes it*


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*bets on The Mighty Chocobo at the Gold Saucer and wins*


*takes his win and puts it in his trophy case and sets up the laser defense system*

fire immunity, don't you know lasers do fire damage

takes the win and the the other trophies and sells em on the black market, Any Takers?

Shadow Lodge

You don't have it to sell.



*constructs the invisible fortress*

Grabs win, holds up penguin, who whacks mime with olive loaf, drops penguin, walks away.

*takes win, eats Waterhammer's soul*

Ack! Pimentos!

*spits it back out*

While EDDLAP is spitting, i take the win.

You've had it long enough.

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I haven't!

Yep, you have.

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Time to hand it over to the real winner .... me

Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

Snatch from the jaws of defeat.

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Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

Only to have it taken once more by the true winner.

Only to have it taken away again, putting into serious question whether you really ARE the true winner, Gruumash.

As much as i am willing to give you things mrs Sissyl, that win be mine.

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No it won't, it is mine!

You're too small to carry it, so i'll do that for you.

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No, I'm fine thanks :)

So not fine.

That win, I'll have it.

BTW the penguin was the one with the olive loaf. I guess you are all too young, to get the allusion?

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And we're done here. The win is mine once more.

You're done here? Excellent news, EDDLAP. Thank you for the win and have a nice life in other threads.

No, I'm done having the win taken from me. Feel free to peruse other threads.

While you're arguing with lady Sissyl, i'll take the win. Thank you

No argument. It's pretty clear that I win.

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No it isn't, while you,sissy and fiend argue you've all lost the win, I've taken it.

You mean this win?

The one I have?

Nice try, though.

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It was,it was sucessful too.


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For me

Victory is mine.

Buk. Buk, buk, buk.

Said the chicken.

Eff. Tee. Double yew.

Said I.


*tries to land on the eff, bounces off the tee, tumbles into the double yew*

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