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"Leave my bear alone."

*Stabs the orc in the nether regions and takes the win.*

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Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

Blocks the stab and gives Ranger a Alissa a big kiss as she feints he takes the win.

Wakes up in horror and steals the win back.

*takes the win and flees into Mordor* My preciousssssssss...

One firebolt and you're another chicken on a bbq.
Thanks for the win.

*roasts TFF and takes the win back to his nest*

Swallows The Dragon of Agnor, "Spicy", and takes the win.

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I'm better than Thor, kills the midgard serpent and takes the win

Can not be killed by a puny cricket. Recalaims the win.

wolf age,
hawk age,

An age in which the mad hermit does not seem to care for the win.
It's mine again.

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*crispifies the strange cricket, takes the win and moves on*

Swipes the win and leaves ice cubes for his troubles...

*trip Solmyr*


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Rises like a Phoenix from the ashes and steals the win.

Thank you, hapless thralls, for handing me the win.

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Good thing I'm not one of your thralls and I'm not giving you the win

That's what you think...

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It's what I know

A winrar is me


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... is mine

Shadow Lodge

Cr500cricket wrote:
... is not mine

Fixed that for you.

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It ain't yours either conman

Shadow Lodge

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Most things in my posession aren't. :)

Well, the win isn't in your possession now, is it?

Seems to be in my possession now...

Win's head spins 360 degrees, then it jumps up to cling to ceiling.

\/\/ | |\| !


*flambes the silly man*

woot for me

win...plain and simple


I prefer to win with a little flair and 'zazz.



hulk smash!

Can you overcome the artery clogs from years of bacon indulgence to smash?


Nah, I doubt it. Even Matt Damon would give you a tough time.

he's a goob.

I'm not arguing that.

............I don't argue with chickens. I barbecue them............

You have to catch 'em first.


Boom. Headshot.


Looks like I need a bigger crossbow. Like, 10,000 pound draw or something.


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