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Oops. Looks like I'm using Bardic Invisibility again.

Shoo, shoo ! to your quiet invisible doom. Make place for the winner of this thread !

See ? I'm still winning !

Muwahahaha ! Ho, the sweet taste of victory...

And... still winning !

Now I know how Conan felt when he heard the wailing of his widows' enemies !

By Crom, I stand victorious !

I love the sound of stunned silence around here, while the shocked audience contemplates my fabulous victory !

I gaze unto this blasted landscape of victoriousness, and I relish my splendid and dominant isolation !

Here, on a rock singed by the mighty energies of a battle long spent, it is etched: HE WON !

Grand Lodge

And on the Pedestal these words appear
"My Name is Kyros Deun, king of kings.
Look upon my win, ye mighty, and despair"

In thin air above the pedestal, an unearthly hand draws in fiery red letters: I still win, you young upstart !

Grand Lodge

Go to bed old man :P

I will. I'll slip snugly under the sheets while knowing I've won another victory.

Grand Lodge

Get out of my house.

The Exchange

We're in a house? I always figured this was... a GAZEBO!!!!!!

Grand Lodge

Quiet. We can't let anyone find out I'm bluffing.

Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

I knew it.

Grand Lodge

No you didn't.

The Exchange

He knows too much.


Grand Lodge

Kill them.


The Exchange

No, GIR, that's bad!



The Exchange

That's what I thought you'd say.


The Exchange

I'm willing to bet the next post will have a few extra zs in that statement.


Snap out of it ! Or don't... I still win !

The Exchange

I do enjoy X-Mas leftovers.

Who doesn't?

Grand Lodge

Gonna have Yorkshire pudding tomorrow. DIVINE :)

The Exchange

Well that sounds absolutely WONDERFUL! Can I come?

Go ! I will stay and reign on this thread, victorious once more !

I bet it was you, Quiche, that sent that blizzard my way.

Grand Lodge

Sorry Tirq. Actually it was me. I left the AC on and the door open. ;)

The Exchange

Huh? Why you confuse me with EDDLAP?

Grand Lodge

You can't come. We only have so much gravy. I'm listening to the Billie Piper song right now.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber


Grand Lodge

Get thee behind me, demon!

Kyros...drugs are bad, mmmkay?

Grand Lodge

But...but...but... (Nervously takes out a Cuban cigar, sticks it in a jar of cocaine, and starts smoking it) Ok. I win.

Well, there goes your eligibility. You now have less winningness than Lance Armstrong.

Words. Only the WIN counts.

And the WIN is mine, mine !

I had nothing to do with this blizzard. In fact, my Cadre of Evil Hipster Djinni (TM) much prefer sandstorms.

We jokingly sub-cultural vaguely eastern-flavored tongue-in-cheeked gnomes have standards, you know !

I win. The end.

Indeed. It ends there for you. You see: I won !

No, no, my hair-challenged f(r)iend. I declared the end of the thread one post ago, thus I have won and any further posts are just an epilogue to my grand quest. You may reminisce about the great journey this has been, but there is no other point in declaring your victory any longer.

Grand Lodge


Kyros, have you been in my brownies again?

Grand Lodge

Hash Brownies :)

Dang it! Get outta my kitchen! *throws pans at Kyros*

Grand Lodge


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