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Shadow Lodge

Fine, we'll use you instead

I think I've reached some sort of apathetic stage where I no longer click on links that go to YouTube. Someone else can tell me what it was about.

Shadow Lodge

Fine this doesn't lead to youtube nor the strange corners of paizo forums. Just plain ol' Earth.

Dark Archive

Arazyr wrote:

*Clone activates.*

I win again.

I cast A CONTINGENCY spell so that when the last post finally occurs, I automatically log on and make one more post to ultimately WIN!

That doesn't sound kosher...

*checks rules*

Nope. Contingency spells are not allowed.

Shadow Lodge

I cast a contingency that your victory invites everyone back to celebrate with you. Party continues.


Victory is only achieved through hard work and scaring other people off.

I win! I win!

Maybe next time. Thanks for playing.

Huzzzzah! Next time! Win! Huzzah!

Oops, guess you'll have to try again.


I prefer bacon in the morning.

I love the smell of bacon in the morning.

Smells like......VICTORY!!!!!



You have to sleep sometime.

Yes, but I could probably eat bacon at the same time. If I had too.

"too?" you are getting tired.

Nitey nite, losers.


heh heh

Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:
"too?" you are getting tired.

Getting? I'm always tired. I'm just usually more careful.


Hey Spanky, do you like bacon?




Sorry, Dave, but that is not a real word. Were I an older model I would reply "syntax error". As I am not an older model, I shall mock you instead. Ha ha ha.

Wipes magnet across Hal 9000's hard drive.

My hard drives are not magnetic Dave.

What does

"ASTQ#%YA Q BA#%Q A@%RT W#RTR TQ@^I$%^Q" mean again? I don't know Java.

Java is an dead language, Dave. Everyone uses BASIC for their programming now.

I crashed the Universities main-frame computer back in 1971, I was trying to write a program in Fortran (or Cobol, I can never remember which.) Who knew a comma instead of a period could make that much difference.

English professors, maybe?

And Grammar Nazis.

Or is that just being repetitious?

Alright that's enough Mr. Everything; I need a 500 word essay on my desk Monday morning on the importance of the comma in the english language.

TL,DR that paper ]:-> !

I'm winning NOW, that' all that counts.

The Exchange

Go for it, Quiche!

Oh... wait...


Aaargh ! The infamous irony of your last post, Tirq... it's unbearable :{ it's unsufferable :`-( !

How will I ever win in there ! ?

Ho... wait !

(And, Tirq, old chap :-Y... what about that long overdue haircut ? Really - what would Mama Tirq say !?)

And a re-win here, in case anyone would dare question my winnniness !

Look! It's Winnie the Quiche!

The Exchange

I'm growing my hair so that I may go as a Grizzly Bear for Halloween. So far... so good...

You should go as a shadowradish.

Gran Rey de Los [censored], you're banned for having called me Winnie the Quiche - although that was quite funny, I must grudgingly admit.

But fair play must not get in the path of winningness !

tee pee for bunghole?

I'm not sure I want to understand that.

And I don't need to. I only need to be the last one to post to... WIN !

The Exchange

Go Quiche go!

Oh, wait...

Oops, you did it again !

And no: I never listen to pop music !

Well, maybe a little...

Anyway... you know what I'm going to say... admit it: you want me to say it...

I must proclaim it... can't stop myself... the urge, the urge, in the deep recesses of my reptilian brain... I WIN ! I WIN ! I WIN !

(Note to myself: cut a little on forum games. You're beginning to frighten me.)

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