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Oh yeah. Just got home with the latest greatest survival horror. If it's anything like the first one, this is gonna be an awesome game.


Just waiting for the sun to go down.

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How was it??? Or are you hiding under your bed now?

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Having a blast. Which is why I've been away from the boards for 24 hours or so. Game play is pretty much the same as in the first, but they revamped the zero-g areas, your suit now has a propulsion system giving you more maneuverability. Only used it once so far, but it's cool.

I haven't tried online play yet, so I don't know anything about that.

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Can't succeed the Train scene ?

asks me to press "E" but that does nothing ???

Heeelpppp !


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Now that my keyboard problem is solved, it is really good.

Got around to finishing this last Friday. Pretty much awesome through it all but still a hair behind the original.
They said it would be a tougher game this time around but I dont agree unless their tougher means A lot less ammo. My only gripe with the game was the ammo situation. I ran almost every chapter "on fumes", which led to more credits on ammo and less on weapons and nodes for upgrades. It did make it a tad more exciting not knowing if I had enough ammo to make it to the next store, etc. Chapter 13 and 14 with low ammo was a load/save festival :/

In the first game I loved every single level of it, in the sequel I could have done without the school area. The "onimusha" elevator and drill sequences were awesome.
Overall, well done. It'll suck waiting for the next chapter.

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I stopped at the needle thing.

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This game CREEPED me out. The

Needle thing you had to do almost made me throw up
after that, running from all the beasties....AHHHHHH

Great game though. Worth every penny.

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