Another round for Words of Power?

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The title pretty much sums up my question. Are there plans for another round of playtesting for Words of Power? If so, do you have a time frame for when it might be other than "when we have the material ready"?

i was Really hoping there was going to be, but seeing as they just released the Ultimate Combat playtest, im starting to have my doubts there will be, (though, they also haven't closed the UM playtest, so who knows,)

i was Really looking forward to some new Word Effects for WoP rather then straight up damage. Yeah, i know thats what they wanted to nail down but to me it all seems good (besides stacking 3 or more damage words into a spell, there should be a limit to 1 or 2 damaging effects per spell).

Anyways. Still hoping there will be. ^-^;

I would like to see a new round of play test for WoP as well.
Also, multiple types of energy damage on one spell would allow multiple energy resistances to apply. IMO, I don't see a problem.

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