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Heathy wrote:
Once upon a time there were several OTD posters who went to Paizo and they were each posting their own off-topic posts. But I took them away from all that and now they work for me. My name is Heathy.

What's our mission today, Heathy?

What, huh?

I'm no man's troll! Don't make me get the slide rule out!

Where shall we strike next?

The weapon of choice is here! I...AM...THREAD...DUMP!

Oops, I think I pooted myself.

*Lays a few huge landmines* Now that's a thread dump.

*Swears fealty to Heathy*

Cockapoo wrote:
*Lays a few huge landmines* Now that's a thread dump.

*rolls in landmines, then gobbles up a couple*

Reporting for duty! Kill the Hobbits!

Dark Archive

oh no, the trolls are amassing an army...

This is madness!!!

Cockapoo wrote:
This is madness!!!

Madness? THIS......IS......SPARTROLL!!!! *punts Poodle into a bottomless pit*


stocks up on flamethrowers and vats of acid

TROLLS!!!!! Get Em!!!!

Hey guys!!! and ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm the original Greek, not some Roman knock-off.

And I'm both of your worst nightmares!

Trolls, you can't Troll in here, this is the Troll room.


staggers through thread

nom nom nom

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