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My PCs are investing in invisibility sphere. I looked at the team they face and it appears that none of them are suited in dealing with invisibility.

Is it fair for me to assume that a team that is constantly invisible on the field would quickly draw the attention of all other teams in a temp alliance against the invisible team? I think it would also be a deadly way of fighting because when 1 PC becomes visible for any reason that individual will be the target of all attacks, causing them a good chance of being killed outright.

Any thoughts on the matter would be helpful.

Thank you


Scarab Sages

The Arena wants a visual spectacle, for the benefit of the crowds, not an empty pitch.
I had the contest rules state that invisibility, or any large-scale obcurement was discouraged, and anyone who did use invisibility was given a countdown by the referee or be sin-binned.

I also did something similar to Snorter as the group was talking about their eversmoking bottle.

In the end, I think one or two PC's went invisible for a few rounds but that was it. The battles were intense and the group ended up losing to Auric's warband in the final match :P

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