Halloween Monster Adventure!



So for this Sunday, one of our regular players is throwing a one-shot Halloween Fun-Time Adventure.

We're all ECL 15, and have probably at least 2 vampires. No idea on the others' class choices, though.

General plot outline: We are the Evil Barons being beset by do-gooders. We have to go dispatch them.

My thoughts for fun characters to play:

Ghast Necromancer. Lots of fun corpsecrafting tricks, could probably pull off the Mother Cyst Exploding Flood Swarm if I set my mind to it.
Second plus: when is playing a Wizard not fun?

Mummy Lord (probably not a cleric).
Big plus: it's right out of the book, math is very easy and choices seem obvious.
Second draw: playing a druid or non-cleric Mummy Lord...some melee / sneaky class, perhaps?

Ghost Master of the Unseen Hand. Something I've always wanted to see played.
Cons: kinda one-trick-pony. Could get really creative with TK objects, though...

Alice: Human Alienist, simply a little girl lost amonst all this craziness...in reality, Wis 8 Int 30 mastermind of the huge sacrifice over yonder.

Wererat Sleuth. Wears a beret, carries a .45 (or maybe a .44 mag), sneaks around and turns up what you don't want found out. Rogue or Ranger (perhaps multiclass or something tricksy.

Franken-Fighter. Awakened Flesh Golem (CR 8 right there) with some melee class levels.
Plus: Easy to run at the table, can do the Herman Munster jokes all night long.
Extra Plus: 3.5 means Bo9S, so Warblade or Swordsage Frank becomes a possibility...

I honestly can't decide, and don't want to put off the stat-blocking (I have a feeling it's gonna take a while...out of 3.5 practice badly...)

Rules are: 4d6, reroll 1's, best 3 for stats.
All 3.5ed stuff is fair game.
ECL 15
No extraplanar stuff
Must be Halloween-Themed.

any suggestions or pitfalls or sample builds would be fantastic, as would a quick run-down of the CR/ECL/Monsters as PC's guidelines for 3.5 would be greatly appreciated.

Let's hear it? What Halloween Monster would you be? How would you stat em up?

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If I were you I would be trying to stat up Lord Soth... Sort of the Darth Vader of Dragonlance. :D

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