Any Pathfinders in Southern Colorado?

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Any Paizonian Pathfinders in the general Pueblo Colorado area?

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Just for grins, join the RMPathfinder yahoo group (stands for Rocky Mountain Pathfinder) and see if we can't start gathering players in your area. Maybe if we work with a local game shop we could set up an intro day to get this off the ground. I would be happy to drive down from Castle Rock to run a few games to get this going. Thanks!


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What Dave is very good the RMPathfinder yahoo group is very active and a great place to find games in the front range area. It will let you know of everything that is happening. Most of the games take place in the Denver area, but the group is expanding.

I'm based in Colorado Springs and I run a game day at Gamers' Haven on the 2nd Saturday of every month (2 adventures 12-4 and 5-9). Everything is organized through the above-mentioned group.

I too would be open to driving down to Pueblo and run a few games.


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They're both excellent GMs, too, so you should take them up on it.

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