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Curse of the Crimson Throne

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As promised earlier today in the other thread, I've uploaded my conversions for Crown of Fangs. Rather than continue in that thread (unfortunately titled as just Escape conversions), I created a new one.

Edge of Anarchy (beta rules)
Seven Days to the Grave (beta)
Escape from Old Korvosa
A History of Ashes
Skeletons of Scarwall
Crown of Fangs

Quite possibly too late now for anyone to use it, but you never know when someone decides to raid the archives for a module, right?

Maybe if I get the time later, I'll do some editing and revisit the early modules as well. Would people be interested in that?

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Excellent, I have been using your stats for my campaign for the last two modules ( with little edits for higher monsters stats and giving the NPC's the missing one level to account for their original CR ).

Many thanks for posting all of those! :)

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Well, I hanven't played it yet, but if I ever run a campaign again, it will be this one and probably in pathfinder rules, so I'll have a look a your conversions.


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Am still in the middle of it and will quite possibly make use of your work.

ooohhh a great thx!!!! i just begin the n°10

Oh,'s not too late at all! I recently completed a Forgotten Realms campaign, and have been waiting to start my group on Crimson Throne since it first came out. I've eagerly snapped up all of your Pathfinder conversions and am very pleased that the final installment is available; it's something that I just didn't have the time to do myself.

Rest assured that over 2011-12, there will be at least one group of gamers appreciating your efforts! Thanks very much!

- V -

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These conversions have been invaluable to me as well.

Thanks, Steev!

Scribbling Rambler wrote:

These conversions have been invaluable to me as well.

Thanks, Steev!

I'd like to thank him too, even though I still ended up doing my own conversions for APG content. Still saved me a ton of time.

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Steev42 - thanks for these! You rock.

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Would you care to share some of your APG conversion ideas? I'm getting ready to run this AP and the possibility of converting some NPCs did occur to me, but I haven't taken a stab at it yet.

Tangible Delusions wrote:
I'd like to thank him too, even though I still ended up doing my own conversions for APG content. Still saved me a ton of time.

Thanks alot mate!
Just started CotCT and this will save me tons of time and make it alot easier to run.

Thanks again! :)

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Thanks, Steve! Well done and very helpful!

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Definite thanks, you just save me a lot of work converting the last 3 books of the AP myself. I was able to do some quick dirty work with Escape from Old Korvosa, but I realized that wasn't going to work very well with history or skeletons. These look like great conversions over all, though I have some suggestions for others running Seven Days to the Grave below:

One of the things I did with the Temple of Urgathoa was switch the domains of some the priests of Urgathoa to give them the magic domain instead of the battle domain. This was they could use the Hand of the Acolyte ability to "throw" their scythes at the party...this provided a more effective challenge from the priests standing over the plague vats in Area G8 of the Temple. I thought battle domain ability was too poor of a return for them to expend an action on for +1 damage to one attack. They lose the magic weapon spell from their domain spells prepared, but they get a better attack roll with Hand of the Acolyte.

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I did want to add a note. In History of Ashes, when calculating Cinnabar's attack bonuses, you seem to be giving her the full off-hand penalty for two-weapon fighting, even though Sawtooth Sabre is a light weapon.

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Thanks for making these conversions it makes things so much easier to run my Cotct game but one thing that bugged me and my players in our recent game was the biting tiger trap in the vivified labyrinth in book 3 and that was it had 6 slams at +24 and did 2d6+14 dmg and we tried to figure out how it was able to do that. We went through the rules and couldn't make sense of it and so I was wondering if you could tell me how you made so it could do that?

WOW! Great Job. I will be using this, thanks.

I'm running this AP right now and I've found my Pathfinder party is steamrolling the encounters. I'll try these conversions next game. Thanks for your hard work!

Downloaded these files for use in my CotCT game that we just began! Thanks again for all of your hard work Steev42

Same here. Thank you very much!

We plan on running this in about 6 months so this is great stuff. thanks

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I've used Steev42's conversions extensively throughout this adventure Path. Great stuff!

Does anyone know if queen ileosa's conversion match up with the corrections on the main thread? like her AC?

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wickedb wrote:
Does anyone know if queen ileosa's conversion match up with the corrections on the main thread? like her AC?

While I'm actually unaware of those particular conversations, I did all the math myself, ignoring the values that existed in the book. So they *should* be accurate.

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I just wanted to say thanks I am getting ready to run this for my group and I am using your Conversions, Thanks for the Hard work.


Just starting with Scarwall. I couldn't have done this AP without your conversions, so I wanted to thank you for your work!

Well done!

Bump. Steev42's PF NPC builds have been very helpful and were at least a very strong starting point for NPC rebuilds. My only criticism is that the CRs are wrong for Pathfinder.

For example, Giggles is CR 1, which would make him a 2nd level fighter, not a 1st level fighter. So I still have to adjust everything up. This is especially relevant since I have a 6 player tables (where other adjustments need to be made, such as max hp).

Anyway, this post deserves a bump.

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I have just started running this adventure path and we are having a blast.
I'm using your conversions as a basis for my own, so thanks for all your work and the willingness to share :)

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Thanks for bumping this thread, I wasn't aware of these conversions.

Our group has just started 7 Days to the Grave, so I'm sure they will come in handy, especially in later adventures when stats start to get more complicated.

I used them as well... Great stuff! Thanks dude!!


Great job Steev42! I've already ran Curse of the Crimson Throne in 3.5, but I'm now thinking of running it for a new group using pathfinder rules. So your conversions are invaluable! Thanks!!

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Definitely will see some use. Thanks much!

I was actually just about to comment on these, as well as the conversions on 8-seven-days-to-the-grave (and similar pages)

There seems to be a lot of discordance between Steev42's, PFSRD's, and what Pathfinder's rules say.

For example, Ramoska Arkminos' HP on Steev42's say 8d12+32, PFSRD says 8d8+24, and the page on Nosferatu template say that while racial HD are changed to d8s, class HD isn't changed, so to me it suggests he should be 8d6+whatever.

While it doesn't matter too much if something's got an extra couple HP or a has a class level, these differences seem a bit high, and the Hospice is already looking to be crazy hard.

I guess what I'm asking; has anyone run either of these conversions through the Hospice? Did they work as written, or should I make some modifications?

Some clarificiation that I figured out; Steev42's result of 8d12 comes from the 3.5 Nosferatu template stating all HD change to d12.

3.5 had templates for both Nosferatu and Vampires, but doesn't have a template for Nosferatu, only Vampires. Vampires' HD state racial HD change to d8s but class HD are unchanged. That at least suggests where the PFSRD is getting d8s from.

However, dropping a d12 HP creature to d8s is a significant drop, and d6s as the pathfinder one suggests is even moreso. I may just fudge his HP to be an average of them, depending on how dead my PCs are when they get there.

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That and PCs really shouldn't be fighting Ramoska anyway...

The pathfinder version of the nosferatu template will be featured in bestiary 4

I realize this is a very old thread originally, but figured I'd still ask.

First time GM running EoA tomorrow with a group of half total newcomers to tabletop RPGs. I was planning on using these PF conversions (thanks!), but am wondering if Giggles and Hookshanks are a little too easy (level 1, where a CR 1 NPC should be level 2). Does anyone have any recommendations? I definitely don't want the fights to be too easy, but I don't want to scare off the newcomers either, and I'm not very good at judging how "easy" fights will be just by looking at NPC stats.

First off, you are in for a very fun time with this campaign.

Now, if you are playing with the Pathfinder rules (Core Rulebook, Bestiary) then remember that this adventure path was written for Dungeons and Dragons rules (Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master Guide, Monster Manual). In Dungeons and Dragons Challenge Rating (CR) for non-player characters was equal to their class level. However, the challenge rating for a non-player character in Pathfinder is one less than their class level. This is because player characters are quite a bit more powerful in Pathfinder.

So, your intuition was right, if you're playing with Pathfinder rules you will generally need to add a class level to every non-player character (and maybe more). You could just "advance" them by simply adding 2 to everything from attack modifiers, skill modifiers, saving throws, etc. etc.

Steev42 appears to have just converted them into Pthfinder. For example he replaces old skills with the new skills (i.e. Listen and Spot), but it does not look like he accounted for the new challenge rating system.

Well let me add my name to the list of DM's thanking you for converting this awesome AP and saving me hours of time and effort!

If we're ever in a bar together, just tell me what your drink is ;)

Fan Fact: I started playing Curse of the Crimson Throne in early 2011. But I just encounter these great conversions this year, at least I could use some of the conersions for A History of Ashes and beyond.

Thanks very much!

Dotting for use.

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