An AP for evil players (ok... Evil characters... my bad) ?

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loaba wrote:

I'd love to observe a group of Evil characters in Kingmaker. When it comes time to establish a city, it would be so much fun to observe them as they choose what to build and why. Oh yeah, one word immediately comes to mind; embezzlement!

If you're playing with mature players, Evil could probably be quite fun indeed.

Check out my CJ "A Bandit King Arises!" Right here on Paizo.

Link when I'm not on my phone.

Evil Druid, Wizard, Cavalier
Neutral-ish Sorcerer, Barbarian, Cleric

Very stable kingdom, party conflicts are minimal, and plenty of PC to PC discussion as well as PC to NPC discourse

I have played four successful evil characters in DnD.

Fergus the Justifier. A fallen paladin in 1st edition
Stayed with the party because he had really good magic items and then wanted him around.
Honestly this character had become LE simply because i was bored with him.

Duroc One Eye. 2nd edition half orc cleric of tempest (CE)
everyone in the party were dragon slayers, we didnt really care what dragons we killed so long as there was gold and riches.

Lorn the Mighty NE halfling fighter in CoT, robbed the party blind of treasure and no one ever suspected him.

Duskfinger LE sorceror 3.5, before there were "bloodlines" he was lazy, the treasure was good and he had no reason to make trouble with the party.

I played a Live action roleplaying game for two years as an evil assassin and no one ever knew I was an evil character. I was the only player character int he game other assassins could level up their skills and come to (there was one NPC but no one knew who he was)
I was able to keep suspicion off me for a very long time by conducting random acts of heroism (read boredom).

Motivation for the evil is often, treasure, power, notoriety, all of which can be gotten from adventuring and collusion with like minded individuals. all evil people are not necessarily greedy or foolish enough to damage a profitable relationship with their mercenary team with inter party squabbles.

Our best adventuring is usually done without having too many good aligned characters around.

Our worst adventuring party was in LoF, we were all Lawful Good.
the experience was terrible.

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