GM needs help with adventure


I had a very long and very carefully written post here but I lost it thanks to the forum bug. Therefore I'll be very brief.

I have two days to finish an adventure whose objective is to take the players to a location where they can, for a price, ressurect their dead cleric.

They're on Xendrik, the jungle continent of Eberron. It has drow.

Cleric died. Cleric player now temporarily takes over an NPC I've been playing and this NPC knows the way to some place where this ressurection can be completed. In short I will relay information to the players through the NPC player.

The wizard player wants to see an aztec temple kind of place with human sacrifice.

The NPC character is a drow ranger and he's been acting as their guide up until this point. He's been kicked out of his tribe because he isn't negatlively affected by sunlight.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

he leads them back to an aztec temple with human sacrifice, to betray the group and regain citizenship. But he didn't lie about the drow, who make human sacrifices, having an altar (or limited use magic item) for ressurection. So the group fight a bit, during the fight resurrect the character, perhaps get enslaved, or can make a trade-off with the drow or something.

Sovereign Court

Floating temple in the sky, have to convince pterodactyl riders to take them up to the temple.
Sky battle with PCs leaping off pterodactyls and onto the pyramid top. Evil tengu tribe trying to corrupt temple to resurrect an evil god/demon-lord (resurrection artefact, not cleric).

Resurrection requires sacrifice of something unique and exciting (for a twist, pterodactyl eggs, how to sneak them aboard?)

Extra excitement could come from the pterodactyls leaving and the PCs having to find a new way down.

Might be a bit much for two sessions but could be fun.

Some interesting stuff here! Definitely!

I like that thing about the drow betraying them very much, but the thing is he's now temporarily controlled by the cleric player, so I want him to remain faithful.

I might do something about that tengu thing, though. I love the tengu :P

If you wait for the Cleric to be rezzed then the Drow would become an npc again. That would be a good time to spring the trap/betrayal without having a PvP situation.

Perhaps older than tribes of drow, the party must journey to an ancient temple in the heart of Xendrik. Here live the descendants of Aeren, kin to the elves who left Xendrik and formed Aerenal. Using the same magics as those of the Undying Court in Aerenal, the cleric can be brought back from the dead. But there is a heavy price. The adventurers must offer a Siberys dragonshard. The NPC drow knows of only one dragonshard, which is guarded by [insert creature appropriate for party level]. The path will be dangerous and traps are for certain, but if successful, the cleric will join the living again and perhaps the Aeren will reward the party with the Siberys dragonshard for their bravery.

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