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Been thinking about customizing the Cavalier class, and I immediately realized the best way to do that was to create new Orders with different themes and abilities. Here were some of the ideas I had so far, but I'm still working out Edicts and other traits:

Order of the Wolf
Cavaliers who join this order dedicate themselves to the Art of War, becoming masters of warfare. These Cavaliers tend to become wandering mercenaries, or rise to the ranks of great generals in mighty armies.

Order of the Skull
Only the most black-hearted Cavaliers join this order; Cavaliers of the Skull revere strength above all else, and show disdain toward the weak and the merciful. Edicts should essentially revolve around the "Might makes Right" train of thought.

Order of the Hart (as in Deer Stag)
Cavaliers who join the order of the Hart become dedicated protectors of nature, sworn to the Druidic faith and the protection of nature and sacred wild areas. They are also occasionally known as "Green Knights" for their favoured colour.

I'll come back on these ideas later on.

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