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My DM is planning on starting up a campaign in Golarian. However, I don't see him using the AP's as he has always created his own adventures.

My question is, will we be missing out on a lot of source info only found in the AP's for different parts of Golarian? Or can what is found in the APs, besides the adventure itself, be found in the other source books?

I guess I am saying is I would like source info (feats, monsters, etc) that is part of Golarian available to us, but not have to buy the AP's if we aren't going to play through them.

Also, the map folios that come out for each of the APs. (For example, the Kingmaker Map Folio) Are they only really useful for playing through the APs they are associated with, or are they also good information if we are just adventuring in that area?

A few of the monsters in the bestiary sections of the 3.5 APs will probably be reprinted in Bestiary 2. Most of the remaining information is not likely to be reprinted (although the deity articles may/may not at some point be reprinted in a hardcover). Some bits and pieces will probably find their way into other products, but not everything.

The Kingmaker Map Folio should be useful to any campaign set in the Stolen Lands, as the maps in it are untagged and regional in nature.

The other map folios each have a poster map or two of a city or region relevant to the AP. Those maps should be useful even if you don't run the AP itself. The remaining maps are all encounter maps, and while some of them can be useful for other campaigns, I'm not sure the folio will be worth the cost if you only use a few of the maps.

Ok, thanks.

I was actually looking at the Adventure Paths, and what they entail. I knew they came in 6 parts always, but was not sure at first how long they lasted for. However, I found out they usually ran from 1st to 17th!

My question is, how could someone get a subscription to this? I mean how could they go through them quickly enough? Do they start a new campaign for each one? I mean for us, to go through 17 levels would take us at least 2 years as we can't game every Saturday like we used to.

I just can't see how purchasing a subscription in the AP series is feasible, nevermind having to start up a new campaign each time. I had figured the overlying arc of the 6 books was a lot shorter than that.

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Some people subscribe only for the length of one AP.

I subscribe because I enjoy reading adventures as much as running them. I'm 2/3rds of the way through Curse of the Crimson Throne (currently on hiatus) and still on the first book of Kingmaker.

Good times.


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the AP is only 1/2 adventure... the other half is articles on the world... some of this is redone in the other books, but not all of it... Here is a list of the articles in the books by theme.

For example, the gods and magic book has 2-3 pages per god, but the articles in the AP books are 8 pages.

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